LA Nuns Sue Opus Dei Bishop Gomez for Convent Sale to Katy Perry. Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki Spends $20 Million Lawyers’ Fees. Priest’s “bizarre” Conspiracy Lawsuit

By Paris Arrow
PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.
July 23, 2015

Whatever happened to the papal infallible edict that “Outside the Roman Catholic Church, there is no salvation”? The opposite is true for countless victims of the Vatican crimes against humanity’s children where their only salvation is found “outside the church”.

It is now the Catholic Church’s in-thing and one of the biggest sign that the Vatican Titanic is sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy when the only way that the church all-male hierarchy can deal or settle with its victims–– is via expensive secular lawyers–––and completely “outside the church”. That has been the modus operandi of the Catholic Church throughout the USA and Europe for over a decade when cardinals and bishops and religious congregations haggled –– via lawyers –– with their thousands of victims who were ruined when they were children by the JP2 Army’s crimes against humanity. And it is still going on under Pope Francis. One of the best examples of this Vatican Titanic moral bankruptcy craze is Archbishop Jerome Listecki within his Vatican kingdom of Milwaukee archdiocese –– where he has already spent more than $20 million dollars in pricey lawyers’ fees –– to impose his meager offer of $4 million dollars, total, for all rape victims – 575 of them – that’s less than $7,000 dollars per survivor of the local JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. The giant millstone tied to the neck of Saint John Paul II the Great for his cover-up of his JP2 Army perpetually stinks from his evil Achilles Heels buried inside the Vatican Titanic. The JP2 Army is named aptly after his narcissistic globetrotting papacy when he said nothing despite his volumes of books and speeches - and he did nothing to save the hundreds of thousands of children victims from thousands of pedophile priests for 27 years

While idiots Americans Catholics parrot out “We believe in one, holy, catholic, apostolic church” from the Middle Ages Papal Bull Unam Sanctam of Pope Boniface VIII ––they are oblivious to the fact that they are empowering the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast. The mantra of the Apostles Creed causes denial of the reality in the 21st century ––that the only way to salvage the Vatican Titanic Catholic Church –– is to seek salvation utterly “outside the church” ––– through expensive secular lawyers. Or via expensive police and government investigations on the Catholic Church’s crimes such as the Ramsey County’s criminal charges against the archdiocese of the Twin Cities. Or the Royal Commission now going on in Australia (see articles and links below).

Obviously the Catholics’ Sacrament of the Eucharist – their medieval magic communal meal of the (fake) flesh and blood of Christ – and their “Holy Father” Pope in Rome are not sufficient to unite cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and the laity – into “one, holy, catholic and apostolic church”.

Today, in the 21st century, with Saint Satanas John Paul II at the Vatican Titanic helm –– co-pilot with Pope Francis the Great Jesuit Master of Deceits –– it’s no longer at “look at how much they love one another” –– but rather look at how popular is Pope Francis (the Devil dressed as fat-pope-in-white) in the Vatican Circus – and how powerful is the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast as it breeds poverty and wars and violence worldwide because of the Vatican Swiss Banks – and how manipulative is the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team.

SNAP, the Survivors Network for Those Abused by Priests has issued this statement:

“Making good on their verbal threat in open court to “spend down” the remaining money left in their estate to prevent 575 victims of rape, sexual assault and abuse by clergy of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from receiving restitution, lawyers for Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki have filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court to overturn a Federal 7th Circuit’s decisive ruling that a fraudulent “Cemetery Trust” created by former Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now Cardinal of New York, was not “protected” by federal religious laws or the first amendment and can be used to compensate survivors.

Of course no one can top the shameful decade-long chain of cardinals and bishops and their cover-up on thousands of bestial pedophile priests – aptly called JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. Almost 3 billion dollars were paid to thousands of victims – and all were resolved by secular lawyers and not by the “Holy Father” pope or by the theatrical sorcery Mass of Healing. If the lawyers’ fees were at 10%, that would have given them 300 million dollars.

Now there is Cardinal Pell the finance czar of the Vatican Billions who has asked his secular lawyer to demand layman Peter Saunders to retract what he said on public Australian television that Pell is a sociopath.

Then there’s a Chinese priest in St. Louis who is suing an entire “conspiracy” against him --- SNAP, the cops, the parents of a child who accused him of pedophilia, read article below from SNAP MO--New court filing in priest’s “bizarre” conspiracy lawsuit with our highlights


Los Angeles nuns in Los Angeles sues Opus Dei Beast Bishop Gomez

[ the Immaculate Heart of Mary own a prime real estate (retreat) house in Los Feliz –– a villa-style hilltop property that spans several acres with expansive views of downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains –– and they have filed a lawsuit against their local (VA) Vatican Autocracy boss, Bishop Gomez (a member of Opus Dei Beast Mafia) –– to stop his “hostile takeover” and sale of their villa to Katy Perry for $14.5 M. Apparently, the holy nuns don’t like to hear bikini clad Katy Perry swinging and roaring like Jane (& Tarzan) from atop their holy villa with her single “Roar” that has reached 1 billion hits in YouTube http:]

Vatican assets in the United States of America

The Catholic Church in the United States, with “assets of more than $100 billion, today possesses more than ten times the combined wealth of IBM, Exxon, General Motors, and U.S. Steel.”

- stock it controls on the New York and American stock exchanges, and property, gold reserves, and paintings—are probably $50 billion to $60 billion

- There is no accountability for these funds to anyone except the Vatican. Everything is done in com­plete secrecy

- The hierarchy has learned to act indirectly through Catholic lay­persons

- The hierarchy acts through Catholic politicians – see list below

Note that this Vatican fortune in the USA has only multiplied – exponentially –through the decades since that book was written.








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