Recommended: Robert Blair Kaiser's Whistle, on Tom Doyle's Life and Work with Abuse Survivors

By William D. Lindsey
August 4, 2015

I appreciate Jerry Slevin's reminder, in a response to my posting earlier today, about Robert Blair Kaiser's last book (Kaiser died in April this year), Whistle. Jerry notes that Whistle is an examination of Tom Doyle's life and work with abuse survivors. 
He writes, 
Whistle is Robert Blair Kaiser's last effort and a profile in courage about Tom Doyle's steadfast witness and advocacy on behalf of the victims of clerical sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. If one is looking for a credible historical account of this scandal, this is the book you need to have as a guide and a text and a roadmap for actions to be taken to never have this happen again. It highlights Tom Doyle's remarkable story (which continues ) from the inside. 
The book is inexpensive and the net proceeds will go to survivors as indicated.
Jerry's valuable review of Whistle, which he mentions in his comment, is at the Amazon page for the book linked above. And here's a direct link to it. 
As Jerry notes, if you purchase a copy of this book (and I hope you'll do so), you benefit survivors, since all proceeds of the book go to organizations supporting survivors. I'd like to tell you I've read Whistle, but I haven't. I was given a copy at the SNAP conference (and had a chance to meet and talk very briefly to Tom Doyle, who has long been one of my heroes).
I hope to have a report about the book written for you soon. And perhaps some of you readers have already read it and want to post notes about it?


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