The Catholic Pagan: 10 Questions for Camille Paglia. “when the Catholic Church Trims Its Doctrine for Politically Correct Convenience, It Will No Longer Be Catholic.” Wtf

By Paris Arrow
Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils
August 6, 2015

Irish Catholic Pagans

On May 28, 2015, after the Irish Catholics of the Catholic country of Ireland voted for same-sex marriage in their referendum, Cardinal Burke, the Grand Master of (millionaires & billionaires-only Catholic club) Knights of Malta, quickly condemned the Irish people as “worse than pagans” and that they “defied God”. Burke is the archetypal Catholic bureaucrat scorning the laity of Ireland who – as a nation – has defied big-time the Vatican and its Catholic obsolete doctrines that condemn homosexuals committing same-sex acts as “intrinsically evil”. But the Irish lay people did not “defy God” who created them and who created gay people as well. The fact is, the Irish, despite being one of the oldest Catholic nations, has defied Pope Francis and all popes, cardinals and priests who self-claim to represent God, to monopolise God, and to speak for God and even claim to have supernatural magical powers to reincarnate God’s flesh in the Eucharist (when they cannot even clone an ant or a dog LOL). The Irish demonstrated they no longer fear and no longer kowtow to (VA) Vatican Autocracy.

The Irish people rejected and denounced the medieval Unam Sanctam, the Papal Bull(shit) of the Middle Ages when in 1301, Pope Boniface VIII declared ex-cathedra that “ it is wholly necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” Note the word “every” human creature. For centuries, whoever refused or rebelled against the pope have been excommunicated as heretics. Many were even physically tortured, imprisoned, decapitated – including hundreds of Jesuits during the Jesuit Suppression. Many were burnt like the witches and women during the Vatican Inquisition like Joan of Arc.

[ld Pope Francis dare excommunicate the Irish people now and lose an entire Catholic country – when countless millions of Catholics are already leaving the Catholic Church? Look at the Catholic Exodus in Europe akin to the Israelites’ exodus out of Egypt. Out of desperation, the Bishop of Oslo defrauded the government of Norway of ˆ5.7m by falsely registering 56,500 members scanned from telephone catalogues, especially Polish and Spanish names without their knowledge LOL http:]

But the Jesuits who built the Vatican Empire for half a millennium have a clever way of keeping pagans as Catholic – even if it is in name only. Did anyone notice how the Jesuits with their Jesuitical rhetoric are probably the ones responsible for the false statistic of 1.2 billion Catholics – as illustrated in this tricky interview which we rebuttal below? This time they used their own New York America magazine and a female university professor Camille Paglia as their loudspeaker.

American Catholic Pagan

On February 24, 2015, the New York Jesuit magazine America published an article entitled, “The Catholic Pagan: 10 Questions for Camille Paglia”. It’s a classic Jesuit Master of Deceits publication to mislead idiots Americans Catholics. In this interview, the Jesuit branded a lay woman both as an oxymoron “Catholic Pagan”. What that means, from the interview is that, Paglia is a Catholic because she professes publicly that she keeps her Italian Catholic identity and her deep faith remains in archaic Catholic doctrines. She is a “pagan” because she is “non-practising” Catholic. The publication is really meant to entice non-practising idiots Americans Catholics to come back to church because that they can conveniently be both a “Catholic Pagan” just like Paglia. The Jesuits have built the Vatican Empire for half a millennium and they have proven that they and you can serve both God and mammon. But the reality is the Jesuits actually serve the Devil Mammon Beast first – and then they use God Jesus as their facade and slave – at their beck and call in the Eucharist – just look at how Pope Francis cleverly does it. And the Jesuits also know how to handpick a few women to serve their Opus Dei Beast world domination agenda. And this time, they handpicked Camille Paglia as the spokesperson for “non-practising” Americans Catholics.

The Catholic Church believes in the power of numbers and they want to keep as many Catholics as possible even if they do not go to church anymore. This is one clever way of doing it, calling them nicely and sweetly as “the Catholic Pagan”. Therefore, those Irish “worse than pagans” are always welcome to be registered as Catholics so that the Catholic Church can collect millions or billions of dollars of subsidy from the country. In Germany, the church gets 9 billion Euros. Right now, there is a court case against the Bishop of Oslo who inflated the numbers of Catholics by illegally scanning telephone books for Polish and Spanish name and the country administrate sent a bill of 5.1 million Euros in overpayment from the government. Read more below news article on Norway.

Paglia compares herself to (fanatic) nuns as she said, “I sometimes ruefully feel like a teaching nun… I have a powerful sense of the descent of modern education from the medieval monasteries and cathedrals” –– and she cites Italian Catholicism as the strongest influence on her personal identity.

But what is typically Jesuitical deceiving is this subtle line that pagan Paglia said, “I have to say that when the Catholic Church trims its doctrine for politically correct convenience, it will no longer be Catholic.” Now, how absurd can it get –– that someone who refuses to go to church would be so mulish as to uphold archaic doctrines and impose them on others. That shouldn’t be surprise because Paglia is a university professor wallowing in her highly paid chair where she fiddles her fingers in the bygone days of history as a historian passionate with the romance of the medieval ages and its archaic doctrines –– and with all that intellectualism, she is cold-hearted and out-of-touch with reality of 21st century. Paglia is in good company with the Jesuits who are living in their hundreds of billions assets they have amassed in the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast –– and she is just like Pope Francis living in the Vatican Temple and Cardinal Burke with the archaic Knights of Malta who are also out-of-touch-with-reality of the 21st century.

Below is her interview with our rebuttal after each reply she gave to the 10 questions. Camille Paglia is part of the stupid female species of idiots Catholics women and nuns who support and empower the misogynists hierarchy that serve the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast – by using Christ and the Eucharist as a facade – to ultimately be the conduit of American global hegemony that oppress nations and steal billions of dollars and the natural and human resources from all nations on the planet. Cardinal Burke, the Jesuits Masters of Deceits and academic Paglia are classic idiots Americans Catholics who should be ashamed for disingenuously misleading Catholics and the laity at large – with their Vatican Pied Piper pulpits.

Pagan or “anti-Catholic” wildcards

Bill Donohue especially often employs the “anti-Catholic” wild card from his Goliath-bully pulpit of the $50 million Catholic League – trying to copy the anti-Semitic card of the Jews who suffered the Holocaust from the hands of the Nazis. But he’ll never talk about the truth that it was the Jesuits at the Vatican who gave all the Nazis their passports and new identities and aided them in their swift flight to their nice life under the sun in Argentina.

[s a huge difference between the Jews and their “anti-Semitic” card versus the anti-Catholic wildcard. The Jews were the victims of the Holocaust under the Nazis Army of Hitler. In contrast, countless Catholic children were victims of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Army who were the bestial predators for half-the-20th century of Vatican crimes against humanity’s children – throughout the USA, Europe, South America, as far as Australia -- with the cooperation of cardinals and bishops who aided and abetted them and covered-them up. The John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army is aptly named after the pope who ruled the longest in history but said nothing and did nothing to save and protect children in his 27 years globetrotting rock-star papacy. Read more in REBUTTAL: Spotlight. Columbia University Journalism School, “Reporting an Explosive Truth: The Boston Globe and Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church” http:]

Anyone who criticises the Jews or the state of Israel is anti-Semitic. But anyone who criticises the Catholic Church and its heinous bestial JP2 Army and its cardinals, bishops and popes who aided and abetted them is not anti-Catholic

It’s so ludicrous how the wildcard “pagan” is easily spewed by the Vatican hierarchy with its outspoken poster boy Cardinal Burke. Fanatics Catholics also quickly spew the word “pagan” on anyone and everyone who disagree with them. Catholics are bitter losers – and they quickly condemn others as “pagans” – on whoever defies their medieval Catholic doctrines or whoever dares to criticise their Catholic hierarchy of misogynists male-only Pope Francis, popes, cardinals, bishops and priests. But they are blind – to the manipulative strategies of the Catholic Church - that ultimately trap Catholics to serve the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast – by using Jesus as bait in their Eucharist mythology.

Read our related articles, Cardinal Burke says ‘Ireland worse than pagans for legalising gay marriage’ akin to Jesuit Cardinal Bellarmine who forced Galileo to say ‘sun revolved around the earth’

Ireland gay marriage vote is a victory for humanity, liberty and secularism; –– it’s a major defeat for Vatican Autocracy, obsolete traditions, religious oppression


US Cardinal Raymond Burke - is not demoted but - promoted as Patron of Order of Malta whose members are the 1% richest Catholics on globe



The title “Catholic Pagan” is itself deceptive as it is an oxymoron. What she is not a pagan but a non-practising Catholic (later on that). But it is this line – in Camille Paglia’s response to the 10th question on Pope Francis - that is most deceiving, “As a veteran of the 1960s, I of course strongly support the sexual revolution. But as a student of comparative religion, I have to say that when the Catholic Church trims its doctrine for politically correct convenience, it will no longer be Catholic.” This statement is contradictory because the sexual revolution is completely opposite Catholic doctrines and they are irreconcilable as in gays and same-sex marriage we’ve seen with Ireland’s recent referendum vote. What’s deceptive here is Paglia’s emphasis on being Catholic and preserving doctrines at-all-cost which must not be trimmed for politically correct convenience. Yale graduate Camille Paglia obviously condones Catholic doctrines which were “Made in the Medieval Ages” and “Made by Catholic Patriarchy men-only” that are out-of-touch with reality in the 21st century. Below are our rebuttals under each paragraph of the interview.

It’s fanatic Italian women like Paglia who support the Catholic doctrines imposed by misogynist hierarchy of the Middle Ages Roman Catholic Church which are composed of only-male celibates – who are imposing obsolete doctrines and unrealistic sex rules especially on women – that are oppressing millions of women worldwide e.g. forbidding them to have abortion and use of contraceptives – hence laying burdens of abject poverty on them and an inescapable lifetime of misery.

Catholic doctrines are the most hypocritical among all religions especially its Gospel of the Poor as preached by the pathological lie of Pope Francis of “a church of the poor and for the poor”.

And the poor idiots Catholics, like the Philippines people are brainwashed by Jesuit missionaries to stay poor … only to wish for the deception of the Catholic Beatitude that, “Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven” --- meanwhile the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast steal the Philippines treasury and all nations’ wealth via the Vatican Concordats and Vatican Swiss Banks exclusively managed by the Pope’s Swiss Guard Army alumni elite – with their exclusive clientele of Americans and Europeans imperialists and despots.

Read --- Philippines idiots Catholics & Migrante International missed biggest protest against Pope Francis - Pope of the Richest 1% of the Globe -NOT Pope of the Poor


Abolition of Vatican Concordat in Dominican Republic and bring pedophile Papal Nuncio and other pedophile Polish priests to justice


FYI, Camille Paglia, the Catholic Church does not need “to trim its doctrine for politically correct convenience” to stay longer as “Catholic” –– because one thing is sure with obsolete Vatican doctrines –– there is the worldwide Catholic Exodus as hundreds of millions of Catholics are abandoning hundreds of Catholic churches forcing their closure and sale as had happened in Europe and now in the USA especially in New York where Cardinal Dolan recently announced the closure and sale of more than 150 churches. And there is there is the Catholic country of Ireland that has recently voted at a referendum defying Catholic doctrines of same-sex-marriage thus defying the Papal Bull(shit) Unam Sanctam of Pope Boniface VIII that –– “ it is wholly necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” Read our article, Ireland referendum on same-sex marriage -- Ireland gay marriage vote is a victory for humanity, liberty and secularism; –– it’s a major defeat for Vatican Autocracy, obsolete traditions, religious oppression









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