What’s next in the Archdiocese bankruptcy

By Mike Finnegan
Jeff Anders& Associates
August 18, 2015

The deadline to file timely proofs of claim in the Bankruptcy Court has come and gone. In total, over 600 claims were filed against the Archdiocese by the August 3, 2015 deadline. This included 407 abuse survivor claims.

Now that the deadline has passed, mediation will continue with the survivors, the Archdiocese and its insurance companies. In addition, the Archdiocese and its insurers will begin to evaluate and take a closer look at the claims.

Even though the deadline to file timely claims against the Archdiocese has passed, there are several issues remaining in the case. This includes issues such as what assets are available to pay survivors’ claims, whether there is insurance available to pay claims, and in some instances, how to address survivor claims involving the parishes, schools, and religious orders. These issues will take time to address and it could be a while before the case is resolved.

Not only do legal issues remain in the case, but some survivors are experiencing and addressing their own issues after recently sharing their stories (some for the first time) and disclosing the secrets they’ve kept for so long. Survivors represented by our office can contact us to be connected to therapists and other support services while the case proceeds.


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