Catholic League
August 20, 2015

Bill Donohue comments on an article that appeared yesterday in the Trentonian by L.A. Parker about the Catholic Church:

Looks like the Trentonian wants to compete with the Philadelphia Inquirer as the most anti-Catholic newspaper in the area. The contribution of L.A. Parker puts it in the running.

Follow this if you can. Some guy who worked for a fast food restaurant, Jared Fogle, recently plead guilty to having sex with minors. So if Pope Francis does not apologize for crimes he had absolutely nothing to do with, he should stay at home next month.

I’m not making this up. This is the mind of Mr. L.A. Parker. He would have been better off just showcasing his ignorance and bigotry by simply launching into a diatribe against the Catholic Church. There was no need to offer a segue that is so forced that even a high school dropout would laugh at it.

To demonstrate why the pope should apologize, Parker trots out “Billy,” a guy who claims to have been molested by Philly priests and teachers. That was a mistake. “Billy” is a drug- dealing, congenital liar. But who cares about the facts when the goal is to smear the Church.

To read about wonder-boy “Billy,” click here. I wrote about him in a full-page ad I submitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer four years ago. The cash-starved daily turned down my check for $58,000. They would rather lay off their staff, while continuing to preach about social justice, before ever allowing the truth to be told. But they can’t stop the Catholic League.

P.S. Mr. Parker should learn English. In his first sentence about “Billy” he puts the comma after the end quote. Wrong. See above.



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