Ex-priest Mark Broussard to Spend Life in Prison

By Theresa Schmidt
March 12, 2016

Mark A. Broussard (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office).

Ex-priest Mark Broussard has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison

In the words of Judge David Ritchie, Broussard's punishment comes 30 years late.

The ex-priest convicted of raping and molesting young altar boys is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences on two counts of aggravated rape with 50 years added on for other sexual abuse charges.

First Assistant D.A. Cynthia Killingsworth said part of what made the case so heinous was the level of trust that was betrayed.

"People would just let their kids go over there and let them stay there and certainly had no problem with it; in fact, the moms, whoever were the single moms in this case, were very glad he was mentoring their children," said Killingsworth.

During the sentencing, a victim - who now calls himself a survivor - and another victim's wife addressed Broussard.

"I know you have no remorse for what you did. The remorse you have is that you finally got caught and have to pay for the crimes you have committed," the victim said. "You were able to lie to children but your lies don't work on adults. So this is the end for you - no more preying on children for your own sexual gratification."

Another victim's wife called Broussard a "monster" saying he "took her husband's childhood away - his innocence, his trust."

She told Broussard, "I hope the man upstairs...judges you and sends you to the fires of hell. I hope you rot in jail...."

In sentencing, Ritchie told Broussard he "had no right to use children as his sex toys," and said that what he did was "pure, pure evil."

Ritchie also expressed disgust with Broussard's refusal to accept responsibility for what he's done in blaming anyone but himself.

"He said it was the child's fault - this child came on to him - basically, for the first event that I know of for sure," Ritchie said.

The defense filed a standard objection to the sentence, saying it was excessive. Defense attorney Tom Lorenzi was not available for an interview due to scheduling conflicts.

To see more details from the courtroom, click HERE. Just scroll down until the part where the sentencing begins.

The following are unedited victim impact statements addressed to Broussard and the court.

From victim who now calls himself a survivor:

"I was advised that I could read a victims impact statement during the sentencing for Mark Broussard, a serial child molester and rapist who preyed on me and several other young boys during the time we served as altar boys in the Catholic Church. I was given a guide with some examples for a victim's impact statement. It said that I could talk about how the sexual abuse has negatively impacted my life, but I'm not going to do that for two reasons. Number one, after being in the courtroom with you, Mark Broussard, for two weeks, I know that you have no remorse for what you did. The remorse you have is that you finally got caught and have to pay for the crimes you committed. Number two I have worked very hard to no longer see myself as a victim but a survivor and that is what I am Mark Broussard, a survivor of the tragedy you single handedly bestowed upon me. So today I am going to tell you despite what you did to me as a child I fight every day to continue to overcome any obstacles put forth in front of me. "Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplished, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals." For a long time I struggled with the fact that It was a perfect victim for you. I was taught to respect Priest and that the church was the most moral institution ever. We lived so close to the church and we were always involved there. It ate at me day in and day out. Then I had a realization of who I was as an adult. You see, I grew up to be a man very different from the shy and naive young kid you knew. I am a Man with strong convictions about right and wrong and never afraid to fight for what is right with God at my side.

Furthermore, I believe it is a testament to your mental capacity or lack of for you to expect anyone to believe you did not commit these crimes. You were able to lie to children Mark and we believed you; children, but when the playing field is even your lies don't work on adults. So, this is the end for you. No more preying on children for your own sexual gratification.

The events of my past do not define me or predict my future. It does however define you and predicts your future. There is victory in the Lord, victory in the Lord.

From the wife of another victim:

"Broussard, I call you that because calling you by your first name or even Mr. is a sign of respect and I have absolutely none for you! I am the wife of one of the victims. And yes, that is what these boys are...victims. You are a predator, a predator who hunts down his prey until he is satisfied and that is what you did to each and every one of these boys. I will never forget the phone call I got from my husband after he got the phone call from the detective. A once seemed perfect man was once again broken down from the memories haunted by his childhood. I had to pick him up and these last 4 years have been nothing but tortuous. How can you live with yourself knowing what you did? You used the highest power to prey on these children so that you could get your sexual fix. You took our faith away. You took my husband's childhood away, his innocence, his trust. You are a monster and it is people like you that I have to protect my own children from. I hope that the man upstairs, the one you used to pray to for forgiveness from all your sins, judges you and sends you to the fires of hell. I hope you rot in jail and that for every single day you are in there you think about the choices you made. I will never forgive you for what you did. Even though it wasn't me personally, I feel the emotions of my husband and the after effects he is left with. I don't look forward to the day my husband and I have to sit our children down and explain what happened to their father and how the holiest person can be the biggest sinner, the biggest deceiver and a true monster. As a Catholic we are supposed to look up to a priest, we teach our children that priests are helpers of God. You took all of that away. The best thing that has come out of this, if there could be a best thing, is that the justice system worked. It will never take away the pain and scars of what happened.

A note to your family: Please do not hate us for the emotions we feel and speak of. I would only ask that you have sympathy for the victims and their families. I believe as a Christian you can understand the feelings we're feeling only come with the territory. Hopefully now everyone can move forward and see that there is light at the end of this and that you will never have the chance, Broussard, to hurt or touch an innocent child again. We are stronger than ever and nothing can ever again break that. You will become a distant memory, so while you are dwelling in prison, just know we will NOT be thinking of you! Your honor, I hope you see fit that he gets the maximum sentence for he is a danger to the community. Thank you your honor."








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