Defence Again Questions Complainant's Memory at Rev. Brent Hawkes" Sex Trial

By Ian Fairclough
Local Express
November 17, 2016

Man alleges Hawkes sexually assaulted him in the 1970s when he was a student at West Kings

Rev. Brent Hawkes, right, is on trial for indecent assault and gross indecency at Kentville provincial court. (IAN FAIRCLOUGH / Local Xpress / File)

The trial of Rev. Brent Hawkes continued in Kentville provincial court Thursday morning, with defence lawyer Clayton Ruby again questioning the memory of a man who alleges that Hawkes sexually assaulted him in the 1970s.

Hawkes is charged with indecent assault and gross indecency for allegedly assaulting the man when he was a student at West Kings District High School in the 1970s.

He showed the man a document that indicated Hawkes wasn't a teacher when the man was in Grade 9, as he had testified. The man said he couldn't explain that.

"That's my memory," the man said of his assertion that he had Hawkes as a teacher.

"That's my point," Ruby replied.

Ruby also brought out a decision in a civil suit stemming from a car crash the complainant was involved in. He had the man read the judge's ruling, which said he didn't believe the man's testimony.

The judge said he felt the man was "reconstructing" the events of the crash and not recalling what happened.

Ruby asked if that was the case in this trial as well, but the man denied that.

"I have to disagree, sir," the complainant said.

He said he didn't recall rumours at the school that Hawkes was gay or hearing that Hawkes had come out as gay.

Ruby also suggested that the man once went to visit Hawkes on his own because he was questioning his own sexuality.

The man said he didn't recall visiting alone or for that purpose, and doubts that he would.

Ruby also asked the complainant why he testified that he didn't know how he ended up at Hawkes' trailer, but in a statement said that his friends insisted he go.

The man replied that by "how" he meant the mode of transportation.

Ruby suggested the man appeared to be reconstructing his memories of his friends' insistence on going to the trailer.

He also suggested the man reconstructed his memories when saying it was Hawkes who suggested playing strip caps.

The man said he must have, because he and his friends wouldn't have suggested it.








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