Eusebio attempts to debunk Mother Superior's statements

By Nestor Licanto
November 21, 2016

[with video]

A former member of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary's board of directors has disputed the claims of a Carmelite nun who said Archbishop Anthhony Apuron asked them to lie about a $2 million gift to buy the seminary. 

Dr. Ric Eusebio says Mother Superior Dawn Marie may have been misinformed when she said Archbishop Apuron asked them to confirm that the Carmelites knew the money would go specifically to a seminary for the Neocatechumenal Way. Dr. Eusebio produced email, which he says shows Mother Stella Maris, now diseased, did know from the start.

"You cannot say 'Redemptoris Mater Seminary' without saying the Neocatechumenal Way - is not involved because the vocations for the seminary mainly come from the Neocatechumenal Way," said the physician.

But Bishop Michael Byrnes last week dissolved the board, and asserted his control over the seminary.  Dr. Eusebio says he knows of no plan for any lawsuit to stop what Bishop Byrnes  has done. "He has all the jurisdiction, the authority, the everything," said Eusebio. "If he decides that he wants someone else that's up to him. But what we would hope is that we could have an audience with him so that we could explain what our position is."

Dr. Eusebio also countered critics of Apuron, who claim that he transferred control of the seminary to the NCW through a 2011 deed of restriction. Eusebio said Apuron never relinquished his control, and sought the deed to protect the RMS, adding, "The common knowledge is that I hear is that the Archdiocese Financial Council was concerned about  debts of the archdiocese."

Dr. Eusebio also said Apuron believed there was an effort to sell the seminary to pay the debts, to which Apuron replied, "Over my dead body."


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