Clayton Jennings Sex Scandal Update: Jennings Ends Renewal Process with Mentor Tony Nolan

By Aubrey Bartolome
Gospel Herald
December 21, 2016

Last month, evangelist and spoken-word poet Clayton Jennings was in the middle of a sex scandal that involved him and several women who accused him of seducing them into an intimate relationship before marriage. Due to the scandal, Clayton Jennings stepped away from his from his ministry even as his license was revoked by his home church.

Clayton Jennings also posted a video, entitled "Confessions" on his social media pages where he admitted to the wrongdoings during ministry. Also in the video is an announcement by Tony Nolan, who is a mentor to the celebrity evangelist. In the video, Nolan informed the viewers that Jennings has decided to submit himself to a repentance and renewal process under the guidance of Tony Nolan.

Just weeks later, the video was taken down from Clayton Jenning's pages, and Tony Nolan announced that Clayton is no longer undergoing the renewal process with him, but has instead opted to use the services of a secular team.

Last week on his Instagram page, Tony Nolan wrote,"To update previous communication, with [a] heavy heart, I inform you Clayton Jennings has chosen to end the repentance/renewal process with me."

According to Nolan, Jennings had been asking advice from a secular team and he wanted to be both undergoing the renewal process with Nolan but still take advice from the secular team, but Nolan said it would defeat the purpose of the original process of repentance and renewal. Jennings then said he would give his final decision in 24 hours.

"Upon calling back, he informed me that he had already privately confessed to God about these sexual sins that occurred during his public preaching ministry and he really did not need the process after all, and just needs the secular team to navigate from the media fallout," Nolan explained.

Clayton Jennings has not explained why he has decided to end the process he was undergoing with his mentor, Tony Nolan. Christian News reported that they reached out to the leadership of Harbour Shores Church in Cicero, Indiana to clarify the counseling process that Jennings will now undergo through. Instead, they received a reply from Don Jennings, Sr, Clayton's father who said that anyone who asks about the issue is "godless" and "bent on destruction."

A total of six girls have come forward since the scandal began, claiming that Jennings had seduced them with promises of marriage. In his "Confessions" video, which has since been taken down, Jennings admitted to having sex before marriage, breaking a lot of girls' hearts and leading them on.








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