Paula’s Shame: Deen’s ‘pedophile’ Priest Brother-in-law Had Gay Sex with a Murderer!

February 10, 2017

**WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT** has uncovered even more sordid details from the twisted life of Paula Deen’s “pedophile” priest brother-in-law, Henry Groover III. According to a long-buried police investigation, he once had gay sex with a murderer and was accused of being part of a sex ring!


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The secrets emerged as part of a Georgia police investigation into Jeremy Wayne Manieri, who was charged with killing Groover’s one-time roommate and fellow priest, Rev. Ed Everitt, inside their beach house in Waveland, Mississippi in 2011.

After confessing to the gruesome murder, Manieri ended up killing himself in jail before his trial began in 2012, taking his sordid secrets with him. Until now.

READ The GRAPHIC Police Documents Here

According to Waveland Police Department documents in the case, Manieri gave a statement about the day of he murder, implying Groover andEveritt were much more than just friends and church colleagues, claiming that they “pleasured each other” as gay lovers!

“And then they run a Boy Scout thing, you know, and molestin’ boys and stuff,” Manieri claimed in his statement when he was arrested.

Per a witness statement, Manieri had been hired by Groover (aka “Father Hank”) to do repair work around the priests’ house.

In his statement, Manieri said he and Hank would “fish and drink together. More or less, just hang out.”

But Groover later told cops that he and Manieri “had sex on approximately 10 occasions from 2009 till May of 2011,” according to police documents.


The first time they had sex, Groover told police, he fixed lunch after Manieri took a shower, and when they were at the table talking Manieri “stood up with an erection and stated ‘I am getting horny’… and they had sex.”

“Groover stated that Manieri ‘liked to get f**ked’ and liked to be the bottom.'”

Their relationship ended when after having sex, Groover noticed Manieri pick up his jeans and $30 went missing. When he took Manieri home, Groover said he didn’t want him coming back. But Manieri relentlessly texted him “Come F**k Me” and “Come over and f**k me,” the police documents claim.

According to a parishoner’s statement, Groover had warned Everitt that Manieri was an “alcoholic” and a “thief.”

But one day when Manieri stopped by to see Groover, Everitt told him he had moved to Texas. Manieri claimed Everitt then sexually assaulted him while he was passed out, according to his own statement to cops.

When he “woke up on the sofa he found himself with his pants unzipped, open, and ‘Ed’ leaning over” and “fondling him.” Manieri stated that he “jumped up and pushed him off.”… and “was frustrated,” but “he just became angry.”

He knew there was a gun in Everitt’s bedroom and when retrieving it noticed a Crown Royal bag and inside found what looked like a “dildo” and he then became “angrier,” he told police.

Ranieri admitted he finally shot Everitt, firing two bullets into his head.

Like Groover, who killed himself just days after he had been served with a lawsuit alleging he preyed upon a child sex victim while serving as a priest, Manieri also committed suicide, behind bars.








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