Two more child sexual abuse claims filed against Brouillard

By Donna De Jesus
Pacific News Center
April 24, 2017

C.P. and S.A.F. have filed child sexual abuse lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Agana and the Boy Scouts of America.

Guam - Two new victims represented by Atty. David Lujan have filed child sexual abuse lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Agana and the Boy Scouts of America.

Both victims, using the initials C.P. and S.A.F. have named former priest Fr. Louis Brouillard. Both men claim they were assaulted in the 1970s when they were altar boys and part of the Boy Scouts.

C.P. was between the ages of 7 and 10 when he claims he was first abused by Brouillard. In his complaint, he states that for about four years, Brouillard would require C.P. to spend the night at the Malojloj parish rectory, using the excuse that he did not want him to be late for early morning mass the following day. It was during these sleepovers, court documents say, that Brouillard would sexually molest C.P. Documents add that, in the convent showers, Brouillard would get into the shower with C.P. and other boys so he could grope them, and later instruct them to go into his bedroom where he would molest them. As a member of the Boy Scouts, C.P. says in the complaint that Brouillard would take some of the boys swimming, instructing them to swim naked so he could grope them.

S.A.F.’s story is similar. He was about 10 years old when the abuse began as an altar boy at San Vicente/San Roke Church in Barrigada. While S.A.F. was not a Boy Scout, he claims Brouillard allowed him to participate in Boy Scout activities. As an active altar boy, S.A.F. tried to escape Brouillard by running back home after he attempted to penetrate him after intoxicating him with leftover mass wine. According to court documents, Brouillard followed S.A.F. home and convinced his parents to allow him to go back with him to spend the night at the rectory. Upon returning, Brouillard continued the abuse and threatened S.A.F., saying “If you tell anyone, no one will believe you because I am a priest.” S.A.F. was then forced to perform sexual acts on Brouillard.

The complaint states that the archdiocese and the Boy Scouts knew Brouillard was a sexual predator, using his position to abuse boys. In 2016, Brouillard admitted in a letter that he had abused many boys as a priest and as a scoutmaster.

Atty. Patrick Civille is now officially representing the Boy Scouts of America, and told PNC he still has to review evidence in the numerous cases filed against the organization. Civille told PNC, "I know the Boy Scouts are interested in short-cutting some of the procedural problems, and today, I discussed with plaintiffs’ counsel that we’re not going to make them jump through any particular hoops in terms of serving the Boy Scouts, that I’ll accept service. And that streamlines the process. But beyond that, I have to look at the evidence." He adds, "You usually think settlement is a possibility, but in these cases, I don’t know. We’re early in the game right now."

Both victims are asking for $10 million each in damages.



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