Five More Victims File against Local Church and Boy Scouts

By Krystal Paco
June 2, 2017

Five more people have come forward with sex abuse allegations against the local Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts.

Of those accused is the late Archbishop Felix Berto Flores. 62-year-old A.J.R. alleges he was 11 years old when then priest Flores abused him while he was serving at the Agana Cathedral. Additionally, three more people - one of them female - have come forward accusing Fr. Louis Brouillard of sexual molestation, the crimes occurring when he was serving at the Malojloj parish. The victims were identified as E.V., E.T. (a female), and S.M.T. Victim S.M.T. also alleges sexual abuse by Fr. Juan Camacho and Boy Scout Leader Edward Pereira - both of whom are deceased. The 5th victim to file is S.D.E. He alleges he was sexually assaulted in 1955 by a scout leader in Sinajana identified as Miguel Salas. S.D.E. was 12 years old at the time of the alleged sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, attorney David Lujan met his deadline today to file his arguments as to why the District Court has jurisdiction to hear the sexual abuse cases. He is also requesting a hearing on the matter.








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