Brouillard Allegedly Lured Altar Boy to the States to Turn Him into a Sex Slave

By Janela Carrera
Pacific News Center
October 25, 2017

Brouillard allegedly promised to pay for the victim’s college education. But upon arriving there, J.T. says he realized that was never going to happen.

Guam – The latest sex abuse lawsuit filed against the Archdiocese of Agana involves a former altar server who claims he was summoned to live with a Guam priest in the states under the guise of pursuing a college education only to discover that he was an intended sex slave.

Most of the sexual abuse lawsuits filed against the church and the priest described as having the most sexually deviant behavior involve abuse that occurred on Guam. But perhaps for the first time, this latest lawsuits details abuse that stretches all the way to Minnesota where Father Louis Brouillard relocated to after serving as a priest for over a decade on Guam.

The alleged abuse began on Guam in the early 1970s when J.T., who’s now 53 years old, served as an altar boy at the Malojloj Parish. J.T. appeared to be Brouillard’s favorite as he often pulled J.T. out of class to accompany him on errand runs, often times sexually abusing the minor during these times.

The abuse only stopped in 1976 when, according to J.T., Brouillard was transferred to another parish. As a result, J.T. left the church and never returned.

But about 5 years later, in 1981, Brouillard resurfaced in J.T.’s life when the priest, now living in Minnesota, offered J.T. a deal his parents could not refuse: to pay for J.T.’s airfair, college tuition, food and housing, so long as he moved to Minnesota to live with him.

With such a rare offer too great to pass up, J.T.’s mother insisted her son move to Minnesota to attend college. Reluctantly, J.T. agreed. But when he got there, he realized that this was more than just one man’s charity or benevolence.

“During his third week in Minnesota, Brouillard took J.T. to Canada where he tried to force J.T. to have sex with him. J.T. became angry and pushed Brouillard,” the complaint states.

And when the victim confronted the priest, “he realized that he was only in Minnesota for Brouillard’s pleasure and told Brouillard that he refused to be Brouillard’s sex toy.”

J.T. demanded he be dropped off to his brother’s house and this, the complaint says, is the last time he ever saw Brouillard.

With now over 100 sex abuse lawsuits filed against the church, Brouillard is named in a majority of them. J.T. is seeking $10 million in damages.








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