'He took a part of me that I'll never get back': Simone Biles tears up as she talks about pedophile Larry Nassar and reveals that Olympics Committee STILL has not contacted her about the sickening abuse

By Jennifer Smith
Daily Mail
January 31, 2018

Biles later appeared in Megyn Kelly Today to tell how Nassar stole her trust and betrayed her

Hero: Biles repeated her earlier description of Judge Rosemarie Aquilina as her 'hero' and said on Tuesday that she was a 'boss'

Silence: Biles has still not received an apology from either USA Gymnastics or the US Olympics Committee. Her teammate Aly Raisman (seen above right with Biles, left, and Gabrielle Douglas at the 2016 Rio Games) said their silence was 'disgusting'

Larry Nassar was back in court in Michigan on Wednesday to be sentenced for his abuse of other girls

Nassar was dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit for his appearance in court on Wednesday. He will hear from an additional 65 victims before being sentenced. He is already serving a 175 year sentence and will die in prison

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  • Biles appeared on NBC to give interviews to both Hoda Kotb and Megyn Kelly
  • She cried as she spoke to Kotb on Today and said she was 'very happy' with Nassar's 175-year sentencing
  • To Kelly, the 20-year-old told how he stole her trust by sexually abusing her 
  • Biles bemoaned how she has still not been given an apology from either USA Gymnastics or the US Olympics Committee 
  • Aly Raisman, her fellow Olympic gold medalist and teammate, has described their silence as 'disgusting' 
  • Despite the ordeal, Biles is back in the gym preparing for the 2020 Olympics
  • Nassar will face more victims in a separate Michigan courtroom for another case on Wednesday  

Simone Biles cried as she spoke about pedophile Dr. Larry Nassar on Wednesday morning during a tour of Today.

The 20-year-old spoke first to Hoda Kotb and reduced her to tears as she lamented how Nassar, who has been sentenced to 175 years in jail and counting for his abhorrent abuse of countless girls, assaulted her.

'It's very hard for someone to go through what I've gone through recently and it's very hard to talk about,' Biles, a five-time Olympic medalist, said.

She praised Judge Rosemarie Aquilina who sentenced to Nassar to 175 years imprisonment last week after a lengthy and highly publicized sentencing phase, reiterating her earlier comment that she was her 'hero'. 

'The judge is my hero because she gave it to him straight and didn't let him get any power over any of the girls and letting the girls speak was very powerful,' she said.

He quivered and cried in his seat as the women, who included Biles' Team USA teammates Aly Raisman and Jordan Wieber, addressed him. 

Biles, who did not attend the hearings but wrote to the judge in a statement, said she was happy with the sentence her abuser received. 

'I was very happy, I wish she would have given him like a crazy number, like 3,000 years or something but other than that, she was a boss and she was absolutely amazing.' 

Like Judge Aquilina, the nation was repulsed by the extent of Nassar's abuse and has offered an outpouring of support for his victims. 

The US Olympics Committee, which Nassar operated under to carry out 'treatment' on the girls as they competed, has not offered them any apologies. 

On Wednesday, Biles said it was 'ridiculous' that she had still not heard from its officials. 

She has heard from the new president of USA Gymnastics, which employed Nassar, but she said they did not discuss the abuse.  

'The new president, Kerry Perry, she flew down for a visit and we didn't talk [about] any of that. She wanted to introduce herself because I, out of the girls, is the only one back in the gym so far so she reached out to me but other than that the USOC has not reached out yet.' 

In a later appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, Biles went into more detail about how Nassar's abuse had affected her and how she was in denial about out it. 

'I think for elite athletes like some of us that have gone through this hard time, we're very good at compartmentalizing things so you push it to the back of your mind but once you realize that it happened to you, it's very saddening. 

'For the longest time, my parents would ask me... they would never push me to talk about it but my automatic response was "No!"

'I would be angry. "It couldn't happen to me, there's just no way." And then you come to realize that it has happened and I think that's kind of when I broke down about it,' she said.

Biles, who is from Columbus, Ohio, also revealed that she still found it difficult to trust people because of how she had been betrayed by Nassar.  

'He took a part of me that I can't get back, so I'm still working on that part. It was very hard,' she said. 

'The main part of me that he took away that I'll never get back is trust. It's very hard for me to trust some people. I'll find myself even walking down the street, or being in certain places, being very scared so I think that is the main thing but it will all come back within time.' 

As Biles spoke on Wednesday morning, Nassar returned to court to face more victims. 

His sentencing by Judge Aquilina last week applied to his crimes against victims in Ingham County, Michigan. 

On Wednesday, he will be sentenced for abusing other victims in Eaton County, including girls under the age of 15. 

Sixty-five people are scheduled to testify against him.



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