Victims of sexual abuse committed by Brothers of Sacred Heart at Collège Mont Sacré-Coeur

By Robert Kugler, Pierre Boivin, And Olivera Pajani
Kugler Kandestin
February 07, 2018

Kugler Kandestin files a class action seeking compensatory damages, as well as punitive and exemplary damages of $15 million.

The class action seeks to enable access to justice to numerous people who were victims of sexual abuse during their childhood, by religious members of the Brothers of Sacred Heart associated with Collège Mont-Sacré-Coeur in Granby. The class action alleges that the reprehensible and unacceptable sexual abuse was perpetrated systematically for several decades by at least 18 religious Brothers.

If you, or anybody you know, was sexually abused by a religious member of the Brothers of Sacred Heart Congregation, including Brother Claude Lebeau (also known as Brother Gatien), Brother Jean-Guy Roy, Brother Paul-Émile Blain, Brother Louis Raymond (Raymond Decelles), Brother Majoric Duchesne, Brother Roch Messier, Brother Hervé Aubin (also known as “Frère Économe”), Brother Georges-Arthur, Brother Gerry, Brother Eudes, Brother Gilles, Brother Lucien Martel (Brother Gédéon), Brother Jean Royer, Brother Jean-Claude Leduc, Brother Arcène, Brother Éphrem Chaput (Brother Aldéi), Brother Patrice (Cyrille Picard), Brother Antonio, we encourage you to communicate with the undersigned lawyers so that we may inform you of your rights.  Your communicationswith us are free and will be kept strictly confidential.

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