Shake-up in Chilean Catholic Church Seems Imminent

Prensa Latina
May 4, 2018

Santiago, Chile, May 3 (Prensa Latina) Although Pope Francis has not announced possible sanctions on the bishops of the Chilean Catholic Church, all signs aim to an unprecedented lesson.

Perhaps the measures will not be as radical as some expect, but the intention of His Holiness clearly is to send a worldwide message to end the scandals of sexual abuses by ministers of the Church.

The three most known Chilean victims of sexual abuses by the priest Fernando Karadima have met separately with the Bishop of Rome over the past few days.

Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton and Jose Andres Murillo noted after the meetings that 'the Pope apologized to us on his behalf and that of the Church,' and noted that 'he will undoubtedly take measures'.

We do not know what kind of sanction or punishment the Holy Pontiff will adopt, but we harbor hopes that he will reflect with his conscience certainly knowing all the abuses committed, Cruz noted.

All this happened prior to a meeting by top Chilean Church officials with Pope Francis from May 14 to 17 in the Vatican, where serious reprimands and even removals may be adopted.

The Chilean guests pointed out in a communique that 'for almost ten years we have been treated as enemies, because we fought against sexual abuse and covering-up. These days we knew the friendly face of the Church, totally different from the one we knew before.'

'We spoke about the pathological and unlimited exercise of power that is the cornerstone of sexual abuse and covering-up,' they pointed out.








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