Time Is Now to Change Laws to Protect Pennsylvania’s Children

By Benjamin Sweet
Carson Lynch
August 27, 2018

In the ten days since the Grand Jury released its stunning report on child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, media all over the world have focused their attention on Pennsylvania. It is a sobering reality to consider that the last time such worldwide media attention was focused on our state it was also as a result of a child sex abuse case, the disgraced former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.

Yet despite all of the coverage and rightful outrage here and abroad, Pennsylvania state lawmakers – and particularly those within the Republican party – have been eerily quiet on the Grand Jury’s four key recommendations. Unless these lawmakers can be shamed into taking action, nothing will change.

That is why it is critical that all Pennsylvanians take the 5 minutes to call or email their state representative and senator TODAY. Let your voice be heard not only for the countless children, present and future, who will continue to be placed in peril if the laws are not changed.

The Church, including Bishop Zubik of Pittsburgh, claim they support the Grand Jury’s four recommendations. We commend these verbal demonstrations of support. Yet reports also make clear that, at the same time, groups aligned with the Church continue to lobby state lawmakers to delay a vote on the Grand Jury’s recommendation or to vote against them outright.

That’s why we must keep the pressure on. Now is the time. The State House is back in session on September 12th. There are only 9 days of legislative session left in 2018. If we want to protect our kids, we must let our voices be heard now. To find out how to reach your representative and senator








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