Les Moonves Admits to Forcefully Kissing Doctor; Ex CBS Boss Accused of More Sexual Misconduct

By Dino-Ray Ramos
September 11, 2018

More sexual misconduct accusations and inappropriate behavior have surfaced for Les Moonves — and the disgraced CBS CEO has owned up to one of the claims.

Shortly after Ronan Farrow’s first New Yorker piece exposing Moonves’ allegations was published, an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine from Dr. Anne L. Peters surfaced. According to Vanity Fair, the article was published in May and was titled “A Physician’s Place in the #MeToo Movement.” In it, Peters wrote about an encounter between her an anonymous V.I.P. patient from the past.

She wrote that the patient came in before business hours and after an initial consultation and interview, they moved to the examination table.”He grabbed me as I stepped forward,” said Peters. “He pulled himself against me and tried to force himself on me. He did this twice; when I rebuffed him, he stood beside the examination table and satisfied himself. After he finished, he reassembled himself and left.”

Peters said that she was “legally unable” to name the patient who “harassed her.” She admitted to feeling ashamed and said, “I hadn’t screamed — I was supposed to be offering ‘extra-special’ service to this man because he was rich and powerful and good for my institution.”

She reported the incident to the administration at the U.C.L.A. medical center and wanted to put a note in his chart “warning other women never to be alone with him.” Upon reporting the incident, Peters said that the administration explained her rights but said that the V.I.P. patient had “more money for lawyers” than U.C.L.A. and that she should “refrain” from reporting the incident to the police because she “would lose in court.”

Peters said that the patient called the next day to apologize. “He said that he had a terrible problem and that he had done the same thing with many other women,” she wrote. She said that he “couldn’t control himself when alone with a woman.” She said he should get counseling and afterward never heard from him again.

According to Vanity Fair, there is a source “familiar with the situation” that Peters’ V.I.P. patient in question is Moonves. Even so, a representative for Moonves released a statement from the ex CBS boss saying: “The appalling allegations about my conduct toward a female physician some 20 years ago are untrue. What is true, and what I deeply regret, is that I tried to kiss the doctor. Nothing more happened.”








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