5 Men Who Say They Were Sexually Assaulted by Father Kenneth Morvant Come Forward

By Caroline Marcello
September 25, 2018

Five men previously listed as John Doe on a suit filed against the Diocese of Lafayette and St. Martin De tours Catholic Church have released their names.

In August, alleged victim Doug Bienvenu said to News 10 that Father Kenneth Morvant gave him alcohol when he was 9 years old and then waited until Bienvenu was drunk to sexually molest him.

Bienvenu and 10 other alter boys, previously listed as John Doe, filed a lawsuit saying the late Father Morvant abused them.

On Tuesday, 5 of the men previously listed as John Doe on the lawsuit have come forward and released their names, and now they are demanding that the Diocese release the list of names of other priest accused of sexual abuse in the diocese.

“If we released our list why can’t they release theirs?”

Bienvenu was the first and only alleged victim named on the lawsuit until Jene Tally, Travis Tally, Douglas Dorrice, Kevin MacVoid, and Stiton Rigney came forward.

There are five other John Doe’s listed on the lawsuit and Bienvenu says by tomorrow he thinks those alleged victims will also release their names.

Now they want to hear from the Diocese.

“We are doing ours, so yall do yall’s because the public is not going to rest until you do. Quit hiding, why don’t you just show the public what's really going on. If you have nothing to hide, or if you made a mistake which really wasn’t your fault you know, but covering it up is your fault,” says Bienvenu.

The day after Bienvenu first spoke about the lawsuit weeks ago, the Diocese released a statement saying there is no evidence of Father Morvant being implicated in the abuse of minors.

These allegations however being given appropriate consideration.

“We need to move on, but what gets me is that this man is buried on church grounds. And I stare on his grave the last time we did an interview, and we want him removed. I don’t think he deserves the honor of being buried there for the horrible things he’s done.”

Moving Father Morvant's grave is something Bienvenu says they will be pushing for in the lawsuit.

Local attorney Anthony Fontana is representing Bienvenu and one other alleged victim.

He tells me he has a meeting with more of the alleged victims tomorrow.








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