Readers Discuss Jason Kander, Kris Kobach’s Strengths and a Vet’s Daughter

Kansas City Star
October 2, 2018

Help for veterans

As father to one of only two Kansan Marine Special Operations Command Raiders, I was simultaneously stunned, saddened but encouraged to hear the news that Jason Kander has dropped out of the Kansas City mayoral race.

I was especially moved by the references in his public letter to his deeply traumatized soul and the realization that like so many, he has yet to come home from the fight. And as we have lived every day for the past seven-plus years ourselves, these extraordinarily complex wounds are so difficult to treat and heal from. This all-consuming and trying journey back home — to experience true relief, some measure of healing — is shared by perhaps as many as 1 million veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, now approaching 17 years in duration.

I urge all Americans to put veterans’ mental health concerns at the top of their priority list. Every family must do its part — with dollars, political attention and time — to make this a shared nationwide cause. It is and will be my life’s cause with every remaining breath I take during every day I have left.

God be with you, brave soul Jason. And may you experience the peace you so richly deserve.

Tony Wayne

Overland Park

I’m for Kobach

As the November midterms approach, political rhetoric escalates daily. We have sunk to the point where some hesitate to express their views for fear of hostile retaliation. Without name-calling or mudslinging, I feel compelled to voice my reasons for supporting Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for governor.

He is an unwavering man of integrity. He says what he means and means what he says. He stands for conservative principles that have long characterized Kansans:

? He is for small government. He cut the secretary of state office’s budget by millions without cutting services.

? He will lower taxes while cutting spending.

? He will reduce regulations to draw more businesses to Kansas and spur the economy.

? He will promote the Second Amendment, providing safety for law-abiding Kansans.

? He is pro-education, contrary to false accusations. He wants 75 percent of school funding to go to teachers and students, not administration.

? He is not anti-immigrant. He is pro-rule of law and pro-legal immigration.

If voters actually investigate the issues rather than listen to repeated, inaccurate sound bites, I believe many will agree with Kobach and reject the liberalism of his opponents.

Antoinette Sluga


Intervene, please

The Star’s story Sunday about retired Lt. Col. Patrick Schreiber, whose legally adopted daughter, Hyebin, may have to return to South Korea, was shocking. (2A, “Ruling may force Army officer’s adopted Korean daughter to leave U.S.”)

If presidents can pardon hardened criminals, why can’t Donald Trump do something to help this career officer? Schreiber served six tours of duty during his 27-year military career. You would think he deserves a break.

What’s wrong here? Is he a registered Democrat?

Charlotte Holt

Kansas City

Why no action?

Why are Missouri Republican politicians playing hot potato with the inquiry into alleged sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests? (Sept. 29, 4A, “Missouri AG’s power in abuse inquiry debated”)

Attorney General Josh Hawley claims he can’t investigate more thoroughly unless asked to do so by Gov. Mike Parson. But Parson claims he can’t act unless asked to do so by a local prosecutor.

There are 115 local prosecutors across the state, many of whom presumably are Republicans. Yet they are staying silent during this process.

GOP politicians like to talk tough about crime. Now they have a chance to back up their words with actions, but they seem to be passing the buck instead of protecting our kids.

Robert Bates

Kansas City

Shopping bother

My wife and I visited the Country Club Plaza last Thursday. We were overwhelmed by aggressive panhandlers on every block. How do the shop owners stay in business with this going on?

Unless this is addressed, I will not go back and spend my money there.

Scott Borders

De Soto

Marked it down

With President Donald Trump’s theme weeks such as “Infrastructure Week” and “Technology Week” over, I expect any day that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will announce “Beach Week” in honor of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s high school calendar that supposedly proves he’s no sexual predator.








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