Publicist on Fees to Pedophile Priestís Victim: "Even W****s Don't Earn So Much"

Sputnik International
October 9, 2018

In a recently released YouTube video, publicist with Polish Christian radio station ďRadio MariaĒ Stanislaw Michalkiewicz commented on the case of a Polish girl, Katarzyna, who was at the age of 13 sexually assaulted by a pedophilic priest and is now struggling to obtain financial compensation for the inflicted damages.

Michalkiewicz appeared most enraged by the fact that the girl had been assigned compensation ďnot by the erotomaniac himself, but by the community he belonged to.Ē

The court ruled in the victimís favor and recognized the guilt of Christís Community, which had turned a blind eye to the pedophilic priest among its ranks.

According to Polish media, the victim is now 24 years old, but she still canít recover from the trauma she suffered in the past. The priest held her in captivity for over 10 months and raped her. Katarzyna has since had to regularly seek psychological assistance.








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