Local Deacon Asks Pope's US Liaison to Intervene in Buffalo Diocese Sex Abuse Scandal

By Marissa Perlman
October 18, 2018

Paul Snyder, A Deacon at St. Mary's Church in Swormville, sent a letter and an email and this massive packet of material the us liaison to the Pope.

Synder says Bishp Richard Malone's handling of the sex abuse crisis brought scandal to the Diocese of Buffalo and has encouraged some of the faithful here at home, to lose their faith.

Snyder said, "Silence is what got us into this mess, people not speaking out, got us into this problem."

The packages include letters, TV and newspaper reports, and victim statements which he says is the key to taking back the Catholic Church.

Snyder said, "We may have one of the worst cover ups and scandals going on in the United States today."

The package was sent to the U.S. Papal Nuncio Archbishop Christophe Pierre, but almost twenty were made up and many sent to other papal leaders across the country.

Snyder said, "In the past, they've said had we known we would've done more so im insuring them with this package of information, they can't claim they don't know."

Snyder included his original august letter which urges Bishop Malone to step down.

But perhaps even more powerful, are the dozens of letters and emails from Western New York Catholics included in the package.

Bishops in the U.S. have power over their own Dioceses, but don't have much oversight when it comes to the fate of other bishops.

Despite this, Syder is hopeful for action.

He said, "He won't listen to his own people, his own sheep as he calls them, but maybe his brother bishops will."

Malone, 72, has rejected multiple calls to step down, saying he would not do so until after his 75th birthday, when he is required to retire.








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