Repairing damage from the church

By Rob Biller
Post Gazette
October 21, 2018

Now that Pope Francis has reluctantly accepted Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s resignation as Archbishop of Washington, the time is ripe to begin dismantling the gerontocratic oligarchy that impedes repairing the damage clerical sexual abuse has inflicted on Mother Church.

The high-ranking antediluvian ecclesiastical cabalists who oppose needed reforms and doctrinal modernizations that would preclude the ordination and enabling of predator priests will only be neutralized by the fresh theology and thinking of youth. How? By fighting Methuselahs with a Methuselah-Pope Francis.

The current Vicar of Christ needs to replace Cardinal Wuerl with a successor who was ordained in the third millennium, long after the not-so-golden age of clerical sexual abuse had climaxed in the late twentieth century.

It is imperative that this mark of Cain be missing from new prelates, so they can never be implicated in past cover-ups. Of course, the ordination of women and allowing clergy to marry are the best long-term fixes, but filling the ranks of new prelates with younger blood is a fine start.

We, the American sheep, who are only expected to show up and shut up and pay up, demand immediate remediation of our church’s current woes, or we will increasingly eschew this corrupted institution. The miasma that rises from the putrid swamp of sexual abuse is a stench in the nostrils of Christ.


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