SNAP Leader Recognizes Abuser after Diocese of Arlington Release Names of Priests Accused of Child Sex Abuse

By Matthew Fultz
CBS 6 News
February 13, 2019

Becky Ianni tells CBS 6 that although her abuse happened more than five decades ago, Wednesday's list of priests that sexually abused minors brought back all of those horrible memories.

"I think I flashback back to the abuse and what he did to me and how it changed my life," said Ianni. "My first reaction was to check the list here and check the list in Arlington to make sure he was on there and he was," Ianni said.

That name was William Reinecke, a man who Ianni said abused her for several years as a child.

Today shes the Virginia State Leader for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP). Although she is glad a list was published, she said its information is incomplete.

"There`s information missing. They don`t have listed how many people have accused each of these priests," said Ianni. "It could be one, it could be dozens of victims. It doesn`t list the perishes they were at. It does`t say when they found out and what they knew."

The Diocese of Arlington released 16 priests names today.

'I think there is probably people who aren't on that list because they didn't make the cut for whatever reason and we don`t even know what that reason is," Ianni added.

While the Diocese of Richmond had 42 names of priests who abused minors. CBS 6 took to the streets of Richmond to hear what catholic members had to say.

'I'm very scared personally because it has been a big epidemic and there's this stereotype of priests sexually assaulting so personally it just makes me kind of wonder if that went on in my church," VCU freshman, Liam Storm said.

'It hasn't really swayed my ideals at all," said VCU Student, Martin Tanula "I`d say I`m still a firm believer in the Catholic Church but it`s just a shame what`s happening."

While Ianni gets to know her perpetrator made the list and is no longer living, she still has worry for others.

"About the victims who perpetrator wasn`t on the list. What are they feeling today? Are they feeling abandoned wondering why their perpetrator wasn`t on the list and I worry about those victims," Ianni said.

Ianni said she plans to keep working to help other victims and protect children as well trying to get laws changed to make sure mandatory reporting of abuse includes clergy.








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