SNAP Calls for Alexander Acosta to Resign for His Role in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

By Zach Hiner
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
July 8, 2019

According to a federal judge, the U.S. Secretary of Labor broke the law when arranging for a much-derided plea deal with a billionaire accused of abuse. Today we join the chorus of those calling for the resignation of Secretary Alexander Acosta due to his mishandling of the Jeffrey Epstein case. If children are to be safe from sexual violence, those who help minimize these crimes must be punished, not promoted.

In a move that elicits the public relations strategies often employed by Catholic church officials, defenders of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta are stressing how long ago the former prosecutor’s alleged wrongdoing was. Yet this bald-faced effort to minimize that wrongdoing cannot erase it.

What matters is not when a powerful official helped a powerful predator. What matters is THAT a powerful official helped a powerful predator.That official deserves to be demoted for his hurtful choices.

As head of the Labor Department, Secretary Acosta plays a critical role in the monitoring of crimes like sex trafficking. We simply cannot believe that he can be effective in that role with a cloud – and history – like this over his head.

Jeffrey Epstein has connections on both sides of the political aisle, so this move should not be seen as a partisan one. According to one news account, “In 2011, reported (Epstein’s phone book) was filled with . . . politicians Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, and Ted Kennedy.”

Finally, now is not the time to get complacent about Epstein’s prosecution. A charge is not a conviction, and a conviction doesn’t guarantee prison. Epstein will again no doubt hire the very best lawyers who will again try hard to exploit loopholes and pull strings to avoid his being found guilty and being incarcerated. Police and prosecutors will need all the help they can get.

So we urge every single person – whether in Florida, New York, or elsewhere – who has knowledge or suspicions about Epstein’s behavior to contact New York prosecutors today. All information is helpful, no matter how old or seemingly insignificant it may be. Only by being vigilant can we ensure that children are protected and communities are informed.



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