Readers sound off on Father John Duffell

By Eileen A. Fagan
Daily News
July 16, 2019

Rev. John Duffell

Toms River, N.J.: I am truly shocked that Father John Duffell has been suspended from active priestly service pending an allegation of abuse by an adult in the Archdiocese of New York. Truth be known, those who know Duffell know he is a controversial character. He was always ahead of his time and ready to take on things that others were too timid or lazy to even approach. Because of it, social justice with Gospel values blossomed in New York. We should not forget that for a moment.

I realize the Church has had some 17 years of adverse publicity regarding sexual abuse by priests. Yes, I believe a very small percentage of the allegations against priests are true. However, I also believe that many have been wrongly accused and are suffering from the consequences imposed by the Archdioceses and Dioceses throughout the country. I understand we need to protect and help victims. My question is: Who helps the priests who have wrongfully lost their reputations and have been removed from ministry at a time when the Church needs them so much? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Having worked with Duffell for many years, his zeal for the Gospel is relentless. The Catholic Church needs more servants like him, not less. I pray his good name and reputation is returned to him with God’s speed! Eileen A. Fagan



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