Third Time Isn't a Charm: Archdiocese Omits Key Info On Msgr. Logrip Again

By Susan Mathews
Catholics 4 Change blog
December 08, 2019

The Archdiocese announced that Msgr. Joseph Logrip is unsuitable for ministry today. The announcement came as most do – on slow-news Sunday and lacking transparency.

The six-page media release buries the lead and fails to mention St. Aloysius Academy for Boys in Logrip’s history. His involvement there as a chaplain and Mass celebrant has been well documented. This isn’t the first time they’ve avoided the whole truth. They didn’t share this info in the 2011 press release when he was first removed or the January 2019 when he was removed again after being reinstated in 2014.

The archdiocese argued they didn’t assign him to St. Aloysius in a formal capacity. For God’s sake, this isn’t a resume. It’s an alert to the community. They knew about his time there and he is one of theirs – an archdiocesan priest. They have a moral duty to share the whole truth. If they are going to claim transparency and accountability, then this is what is required.

Why would they omit the info? Could it be they don’t want more victims to come forward? Just spitballing here. We hope no more children were abused in the decade that’s passed since they disregarded the seriousness of a complaint.

How can full disclosure of a removed priest’s volunteer and work assignments help? In the case of Logrip and any priest, there are two important considerations.

1- Additional victims may feel empowered to come forward knowing they aren’t alone. The additional information could aid an active investigation and bring about quicker removals when necessary. These prevents abuse from continuing.

2- Victims, even those who don’t wish to come forward, may get a sense of vindication and/or peace knowing that where a priest abused them has been publicly recognized.



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