The suit alleges that Doe tried to make Anderson stop his abuse but was unsuccessful, and complained to a nun and in writing to the archbishop. He repressed the memories until his sentencing for an unspecified criminal offense, at which time a letter from a relative triggered the memories, the suit says.

SNAP said it is asking newly installed St. Louis Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski to review the file on every accused cleric, add dozens of names of priests and others to the list of those “credibly accused” in the archdiocese, and warn the community about what the group calls the “most dangerous dozen” clerics.

At least three other boys have made accusations against Anderson, but church officials did nothing, according to the suit. SNAP said church officials have said one accuser of Anderson later recanted.

A second made an accusation against Anderson, who denied the claims at Sunday Mass in April 2002, when he was pastor of Most Sacred Heart Church in Eureka. “I want you to know, plainly and simply, that I did not abuse this child and have not sexually, physically or emotionally abused any child,” he said. He added that his offer to step down was rebuffed by church officials.