Massachusetts Nun Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct in 1960's

New York Times
November 15, 2002

A Dominican nun has been placed on administrative leave after being accused of sexual misconduct involving a fifth-grade girl in southern Indiana 40 years ago.

The nun, Sister Ann Daylor, 67, is the director of religious education at St. Mary's Church in Georgetown, Mass., 35 miles north of Boston.

The Boston Globe first reported the accusation today.

The complaint against Sister Daylor was first reported to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis on Oct. 30, said Sister Norah Guy, eastern regional coordinator for the order, the Sisters of St. Catharine, Kentucky. A spokeswoman for the archdiocese said officials contacted Child Protective Services of Indiana and the order after receiving the complaint.

Denise Schafer, the deputy prosecutor for Clark County, Ind., said her office had not received a complaint about Sister Daylor.

"This is the first time I've heard her name, today," Ms. Schafer said.

The pastor of Saint Mary's Church, the Rev. James M. Carroll, said parishioners had not been notified of the complaint against Sister Daylor, who has served at the church since 1994 and supervises 650 religious education students.

Sister Daylor's accuser says the nun acted inappropriately once, in a classroom at the Sacred Heart Elementary School in Jeffersonville, Ind., in the 1961-62 school year. The woman, now in her 50's, does not want to pursue legal action or attract publicity, Sister Guy said.

Sister Daylor was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation Sister Guy said Sister Daylor denied the accusation.

In a separate case, a Massachusetts judge has ruled that a priest accused of sexual abuse filed a false statement when he claimed that he never gave the Archdiocese of Boston permission to release his psychiatric records.

The priest, Bernard Lane, is accused of molesting teenagers at the home he ran for troubled youths in central Massachusetts.

In ruling that the records are pertinent and must be released, Judge Constance M. Sweeney of Suffolk County Superior Court said she would refer Father Lane's affidavit to prosecutors for possible charges.


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