Look at Six Sex Offender Priests Who Live at St. Albert's Priory

Associated Press
April 7, 2005

The Rev. Edward Krasevac, who handles sex abuse-related issues for the Western Dominican Province, described the priests accused of sex abuse who have been living at the St. Albert's Priory. He said none are allowed any contact with young people.

The Rev. Mark O'Leary: Over 65 years old, he committed multiple offenses against high school boys as a teacher. His last offense was in 1980. In 2001, therapists gave him a "clean bill of health." He remains prohibited from public ministry, but faces no additional restrictions.

The Rev. Dominic De Domenico: Over 65 years old, he fell in love with a 15-year-old girl nearly 30 years ago. He was in his 40s and the relationship continued into the woman's adulthood. There was kissing and fondling, but no allegations of intercourse. It was "clearly inappropriate" - "they got too close," said Krasevac. Employed on-site and undergoing therapy, he's prohibited from public ministry but faces no further restrictions.

Brother Peter Yost: Over 65 years old, his victim was an 11-year-old boy. They had "some genital contact" more than 45 years ago. The victim received a settlement after threatening legal action, and a private investigator hired by the Dominicans turned up no further allegations. The brother, who's elderly and in poor health, remains prohibited from public ministry. A psychiatrist says he "considers this man no threat to children at all."

The Rev. Leo Tubbs: Over 65 years old, this former parish priest allegedly had "inappropriate contact with adult males" 13 years ago, and "non-genital touching over clothing" with a 15-year-old 20 years ago. "He had problems keeping his hands to himself," Krasevac said. The priest is on "lockdown" after traveling to Thailand without permission, and is now accompanied when he leaves the priory.

The Rev. Terence Reilly: Over 65 years old, he was accused of abusing minors on four occasions more than 20 years ago. Allegations included: inappropriate touching, suggestive conversation, giving alcohol to minors and voyeurism. He denies the sexual allegations, but was removed from public ministry because his superiors found his actions inappropriate. He stays home and is not in therapy, but is "basically incapable of misconduct."

The Rev. Edmund Ryan: Over 65 years old, he denies a report his superiors found credible - a single accusation that he touched a high school boy over clothing 22 years ago. Outside evaluators decided he doesn't need therapy, but he's been prohibited from public ministry. He's employed on-site and faces no further restrictions.

The Rev. Roberto Bravo: The Dominicans alerted police after this priest, in his 40s, left St. Alberts in February rather than live under tough restrictions. Accused of "inappropriate touching over clothing" with 16- and 17-year-old girls in a parish five years ago, he had been put on "lockdown" three months ago after allegedly "hugging an adult woman" inappropriately. "At this point, he's a renegade," Krasevac said. "If he doesn't return, the process will be started to sever him officially from the order."


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