Priests Named in Report of Grand Jury

Philadelphia Daily News
September 22, 2005

THE CASES of the following men were detailed by the grand jury report on sexual abuse of minors by priests of the Philadelphia Archdiocese:

* Stanley Gana, ordained 1970, "sexually abused countless boys in a succession of Philadelphia Archdiocese parishes. He was known to kiss, fondle, anally sodomize and impose oral sex on his victims."

* Raymond O. Leneweaver, ordained 1962, allowed to continue as a teacher and priest at different parishes despite frequent confessions that he abused boys.

* Joseph Gausch, said to have sexually abused boys during most of his 54 years as a priest in the archdiocese, beginning in 1945. Gausch died in 1999.

* Nicholas V. Cudemo, ordained 1963, raped an 11-year-old girl, molested a fifth-grader in a confessional and maintained sexually abusive relationships simultaneously with several girls in different schools.

* Peter J. Dunne, ordained 1954, worked in school for delinquent boys and as a Scout leader, once diagnosed as "untreatable pedophile," paid one victim $40,000 for his silence, but continued to work in the archdiocese.

* James J. Brzyski, ordained 1977, told at least two boy victims that their parents authorized him to abuse them; abused at least 100 boys in two archdiocese parishes in seven years.

* David C. Sicoli began career as archdiocesan priest 1975. As reports of abusive relationships with boys came in, was transferred to several parishes and schools.

* John P. O'Connor, ordained 1962, arrested 1984 for molesting a 14-year-old boy in Pennsauken, N.J., transferred to Pittsburgh Diocese, then to Philadelphia, then back to Camden as reports of abuse surfaced.

* Michael J. McCarthy, ordained 1965, diagnosed as "homosexual ephebophile - someone sexually attracted to adolescents." Archdiocese broke off relations with institute that diagnosed him.

* Albert T. Kostelnick, ordained 1954, sexually molested girls aged 6 to 15, including one as she lay in a hospital bed in traction.

* Edward M. DePaoli, ordained 1970, arrested for possessing child pornography, sentenced to one-year probation, later transferred to parishes where parents were unaware of his past.

* David E. Walls, monsignor ordained 1960, sexual abuser of boys and girls but was allowed to remain as vicar for Catholic education before being transferred to parish rectory where the abuse continued.

* Francis P. Rogers, ordained 1946, raped and sexually abused boys during 50 years as priest, being transferred frequently in the archdiocese. He died in February.

* Francis X. Trauger, ordained 1972, transferred eight times, including six times after archdiocese began recording abuse allegations against him.

* John P. Schmeer, ordained 1964, science teacher and guidance counselor in archdiocesan schools for 25 years, named as an abuser by several boys after one of them sued the archdiocese complaining it ignored his abuse allegations.

* Francis A. Giliberti, monsignor ordained 1970, sexually abused two boys who came to him with masturbation problems. One boy was so ashamed he doused his penis with lighter fluid and set it on fire.

* John H. Mulholland, ordained 1965, subject of sexual abuse reports that included sado-masochistic acts, and those involving use of human excrement.

* John F. Gillespie, monsignor ordained 1953, admitted molesting several boys over his career and wanted to make amends. Archdiocese officials ordered him not to apologize to victims.

* Leonard A. Furmanski, monsignor ordained 1959, sexually abused children throughout 44 years as teacher, principal and pastor in archdiocese parishes.

* John J. Delli Carpini, ordained 1976, admitted in 1998 to molesting 13-year-old boy, was diagnosed with a "sexual disorder and a severe personality disorder," but continued working in the archdiocese communications office.

* Thomas J. Wisniewski, ordained 1974, admitted abusing teenage parish boy for three years, but continued to serve as a priest six years after the admission.

* Thomas J. Smith, ordained 1973, engaged in "depraved and sadistic behavior with many boys" in different parishes. After learning of accusations in 2002, archdiocese allowed him to remain active priest for two and a half more years.

* Francis J. Gallagher, ordained 1973, arrested in Sea Isle City, N.J., for soliciting sex with two young men. Admitted sexually abusing two adolescent brothers, but remained an active priest until 2002.

* Thomas F. Shea, ordained 1964, accused of sexual abuse of a boy by a lawyer in 1994. Was promptly removed from ministry because of legal threat.

* John A. Cannon, ordained 1948, molested teenage boys at church summer camp from 1959 to 1964. Admitted to some of the charges, but was allowed to remain a priest until 2004.

* Michael C. Bolesta, ordained 1989, accused by parents in 1991 of sexually abusing 10 boys. Criminal action was threatened. Archdiocese assured parents he would not be assigned where he would have access to children, but was then sent to a parish where he ministered to hospitalized children. Died in 2004.

* Robert L. Brennan, ordained 1964, had "inappropriate contact" with more than 20 boys, but remained a priest and was advised to "keep a low profile."


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