Father Carl Stone

The Inquiry
December 3, 2006

REV. CARL V. STONE, 90, of the Teresian House, Albany, N.Y., and formerly of Drain Pond, N.Y., died Nov. 29, 2006, at the Teresian House, a resident for the past several years.

He was born in Malone, April 27, 1916, the son of the late Cleophus O. and Elizabeth "Bessie" (La Mountagne) Stone.

Calling hours will be Tuesday from 9 until 9:45 a.m., at Notre Dame Church in Malone. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. at Notre Dame Church. Burial will be in Notre Dame Cemetery.

Arrangements are with the Bruso-Desnoyers Funeral Service, Inc. of Malone.

Father Carl Stone

[The following information is sketchy and was drawn from information on hand or researched several years ago. The gaps in entries indicate that I currently have no information on those years.

Father Stone was ordained as a Montfortian priest, meaning he was a priest with the order of priests designated by the initials smm and known alternately as Monfortians, the Company of Mary and DeMontforte priests.

I have unconfirmed information but from a good source that many years ago the story was that Father Stone got into trouble with young boys as a young priest in the United States and was sent to Canada. At some point he returned to the USA, got into trouble again and was again sent off to Canada.

It seems then that Father Stone perahps would have been 'in trouble' shortly after ordination and sent to serve in Canadian residential schools. At this time I do not know where he was ordained. There is a possibility he was ordained as a diocesan priest in the USA and joined the Montfortians when he came to Canada. Given that he was listed as a Montfortian one year after his ordination that I think is doubtful. Unless and until I hear otherwise I will therefore indicate that he was ordained as a Montfortian priest.

At some point Father Stone left the Montfortians and became incardinated with the Diocese of Alexandria (now Alexandria-Cornwall). Then at some point he relocated across the border to the United States. He seems to have changed his incardination to the Diocese of Albany, New York. He is now deceased.]

Born: 27 April 1916 in Malone, New York (Diocese of Ogdensburg)

Ordained: 28 February 1942 as a Montfortian priest

1943: assistant principal at Kuper Island Indian Residential School, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (B.C.) Canada. Other Montfortians listed at the school were Fathers J. Camirand (Principal) and Honore Seguin.

1944: Assistant Principal at the Kuper Island school, B.C. Other Montfortians listed were Fathers J. Camirand (Principal) and B. Touriguy.

1945: possibly no longer at Kuper Island � difficult to tell. In one area listing places him in Duncan, B.C., in another Kuper Island.

1946: St. Edward Church, Duncan, B.C., with Montfortian Fathers L. Leclair and A. Lombard.

1947: Quamichan school B.C. with Monfortian Fathers L. Leclair, J. Cyr and L. Blais.

1948: Quamichan school B.C. with Monfortian Fathers L. Leclair, J. Cyr and L. Blais.

1949 � 1958: possibly still at Quamichan School for some or all of these years � index listings give Quamichan address but his name is not included with names of Montfortians at the school.

1959: listed at St. John Bosco, Cornwall (Diocese of Alexandria � now Alexandria-Cornwall) with Fathers H.A. Poirier, S. Theoret. (the allegations of sexual abuse against Stone are from approximately 1958/1959)

1960: St. John Bosco, Cornwall (Diocese of Alexandria � now Alexandria-Cornwall) with Fathers H.A. Poirier, S. Theoret and Paul Lapierre.

1961 - 1963: St. John Bosco with Fathers H.A. Poirier and R. Derosiers.

1964: not listed in Canadian directories.

1967-1969: St. John Bosco in Cornwall. (Father Aim� Leduc pastor)

1971-74: not listed in directory.

1977 (approx.): Sometime around 1977 Father Stone was serving at a Roman Catholic Church in Morris, New York. He also said Masses at the Church of the Nativity in Edmeston, NY. Both parishes are in the Diocese of Albany, N.Y.

According to one source while at Morris young lads would go to the rectory where Stone would let them drink and play records. I am told that Stone would also take the boys to malls to buy them porn magazines.

Stone left that area in August 1981. One news source indicates that he left after he "became sick." That may be so, however I have been told that he left "when some of the parents started realizing what he was doing with young boys."

It is believed that Stone was then transferred to a parish in South Kortright. While there young lads from his previous parish would visit from time to time. He gave them wine. And, he also asked the boys not to tell anyone what went on back in Morris and in Edmeston.

I have been told by a source that " I have first hand knowledge of his interest in young boys."

According to my source it was believed that Stone returned to Canada and had possibly died there. It seems that he did return to Canada, but he died in the United States.

1985-86: address 14 York St., Cornwall, Ontario

1993 American directory (The Official Catholic Directory Anno Domini): - listed as incardinated in the diocese of Albany, New York: retired.

29 November 2006: Died in Albany, New York. Buried in Malone, New York.


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