Local News

By Jim Anderson
WBDC News 100.9 FM
August 20, 2007

In an open letter this past weekend, to the Holy Family Church, Father John Boeglin asked members of the parish to pray for the forgiveness of Monsignor Othmar Schroeder, the founder of Holy Family. Father Boeglin also asked the congregation to pray for the continued healing of those who became innocent victims, because of the actions of Monsignor Schroeder, so many years ago.

Bishop Gerald Gettlefinger also spoke with parish members this weekend as he outlined steps taken by the diocese to lessen the pain suffered by those who were sexually violated. Although counseling has been provided, the bishop explained that the prominent display of the name and picture of Monsignor Schroeder, causes continued pain and interrupts the healing process for the un-named victims.

Therefore, the bishop has asked for the removal of Monsignor Schroeder's picture at Holy Family Church; he requested that the Jasper Knights of Columbus, rename their council; and finally, he promised to schedule a public service at St. Joseph Church in Jasper, for the healing of wounds and unspoken pain for anyone harmed or injured by abuse of any form.

Father Boeglin says he is hopeful these actions and the public acknowledgment, will begin a healing process that allows both the church and the community, to move forward.


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