Rev. Edward F. Fitz-Henry
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Alleged Victim Being Retaliated Against?

By Katelyn Sykes
Central Coast News
April 15, 2011

SALINAS, Calif-- "'You better not come forward against Father Fitz-Henry because I'm going to make you regret this.'"

That's what Vince Finaldi, the lawyer for the alleged victim in the civil case involving Father Edward Fitz-Henry, said his client is hearing from a parishioner at Mission San Juan Bautista. The alleged victim is also claiming someone vandalized his car.

"There were a select few people who did not want him to come forward and the reasons for that, I don't know what they are right now, hopefully that comes to light in litigation," says Finaldi.

Central Coast News broke the story of alleged sexual abuse in February. We know the alleged victim's identity and his prior run ins with police, but because he claims to be a sexual assault victim, we are not releasing it.

As a matter of fact, his name isn't even on record in the civil case. Something defense attorneys want to change.

But in a Monterey courtroom Friday morning, a judge denied the motion.

"Unfortunately you invite people to file baseless complaints for maybe ulterior motives when you allow people to proceed anonymously," says Christine Breen, Attorney for Father Fitz-Henry. "Unfortunately for my client you can't un-ring the bell. So the allegations that have been made against him, he's been identified publicly."

Friday's court hearing was for a civil case. So far, there are no criminal charges against Father Fitz-Henry. In the past, Salinas police told Central Coast News they're investigating the claims.

We asked police and the District Attorney's office if they're investigating the claims of vandalism and threats. So far they couldn't give us a definitive answer.

The alleged victim in the case claims Fitz-Henry molested him six years ago at Madonna Del Sasso in Salinas. He was suspended from the San Juan Bautista mission after the allegations came out.











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