Catholic World Report: Scandal Coverage

The bishops have met, policies have been made, documents have been written. But will these efforts really affect the condition of the Church? James Hitchcock analyzes in Policy Equals People, an exclusive to CWR online.
In the wake of the recent spate of clerical misconduct, Catholic World Report is making available past stories on Church scandals, past and present.

Starting back in 1993, when stories of Fr. James Porter first hit the news, CWR was on the scene, giving valuable insight into the origin and effect of the scandal.

In 1995, James Hitchcock wrote his invaluable essay, Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results, exposing what would later become an even larger problem: the failure of “orthodox” bishops to rein in dissent and abuse within their own dioceses.

And in 1997, Salt For Their Wounds showed that supposed rehabilitation centers for troubled priests were actually encouraging misconduct!

Fr. Paul Shaughnessy created a stir in 2000 with The Gay Priest Problem, an essay that many thought too harsh and judgmental—but one that was proven accurate in its conclusions when the most recent stories in Boston broke.

We hope that this online resource will help you inform yourself and others of the truth about the scandal in the Church.
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