The Appearances of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in San Sebastián de Garabandal

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Chapter 79

Fr. George Costigan, military Chaplain.

Cured of a cancer during his visit to Garabandal.

The town of San Sebastián de Garabandal, where the Appearances of the Most Holy Virgin Mary took place.

“By means of the kiss that I have given here, my Son will work miracles."

Father George Costigan is a military chaplain and retired colonel in the U.S. Army, U.S. Military Vicariate.

Fr. George Costigan says:

In 1991, I was operated on for a cancerous tumor in my right eye. They removed the tumor, but the vision of my right eye was seriously damaged. After I retired, in 1994, I was given permission to travel to Lourdes on a pilgrimage.


I washed my face several times in the water of Lourdes and on the morning of the third day in Lourdes, some American soldiers invited to me to go with them to a small village in the north of Spain called Garabandal, where our Blessed Mother had appeared to four Spanish children of 11 and 12 years of age. These appearances took place between the years 1961 and 1965.

During our trip of five hours from Lourdes in France to Garabandal in Spain, we said several rosaries for the patients, not only those who had physical diseases but also those who had spiritual ones. I did not mention my cancer to any of the soldiers.

When we arrived in Garabandal, the soldiers went to a restaurant while I went to the parish church. After praying much before the saint, I left the church and I sat on a stone bench.

I wore a white shirt, black trousers and sandals. Shortly afterward, a girl of five or six years old stopped for a moment before me and asked if I wanted to see Jacinta, one of the seers that in those days were in the town.

I said to her:

-- Is Jacinta going to want to do that?

The girl answered:

-- Are you not the priest with cancer?

I was dumfounded. It could believe what I had just heard and I am still touched by the memory of her words. I had not said a word to anybody about my cancer, neither to the soldiers nor to nobody in the village.

Jacinta gives the Virgin a rosary to kiss.

The bell of the church began to sound and minutes later, Jacinta came towards me and with her right hand she touched me on the forehead with the rosary kissed by the Virgin. Without saying anything, Jacinta smiled and entered the church.

I knew that it was Jacinta from another lady who asked me what Jacinta had said to me. Then I entered the church and I began to say the rosary in Latin.

By the last Hail Mary of the rosary, the vision of my right eye was almost perfect. With that eye, I could easily see the Altar and the golden Tabernacle. I was full of joy and felt very great emotion!

That night I sat in a rocking chair, saying several rosaries throughout the night. I was frightened that if I fell asleep, I would not be able to see with my eye in the morning. I was very moved by what had happened.

The three eye doctors who saw to me had told me that I could not see with the right eye because the radiation treatment for the cancer had damaged and atrophied the blood vessels of the right eye.

The fact is that my cancer has disappeared and I see perfectly with my right eye. God cured me by the intercession of the Blessed Mother of Garabandal by means of the Rosary kissed by Jacinta and touched to my forehead.



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