Volume 2, Number 17
Tuesday, July 22, 2003



The General Administration in Rome hosted a conference called “Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation” July 6-15. Attendees from the Province of the United States included: back row (from left): Fr. Bill Christensen, Francisco Guillén de la Rosa, and Bros. Bill Farrell and Bob Rapp; middle row (from left): Sr. Eileen Donovan, Bros. Paul Kageche and Phil Aaron, Frs. Dave Paul and Ted Cassidy; front row (from left): Bros. Juan García and Darwin Joseph. Not shown: Bro. Steve O’Neil. Bro. Javier Anso organized the meeting.



Saint Louis University was the site of the 2003 Continental Assembly of Marianist Lay Communities in North America July 17-20. Almost 150 lay Marianists from North America attended the event. Keynote speaker was Scott Appleby, who spoke on “Faith in Community and Culture.” Other speakers included Fr. David Fleming, general superior, and MLNNA President Marge Cavanaugh. The Office of Religious Life hosted an open house on July 18 at the Province offices for assembly participants.

The new leadership team and regional representatives for the Marianist Lay Network of North America (MLNNA) met in St. Louis during the Continental Assembly in July at Saint Louis University. Back row (from left): Dan Jordan, Ken Pfohl, Karen Seitz, Ray McCracken and Tony Garascia; front row (from left): Joanne McCracken, Marilyn Schweiterman and Marge Cavanaugh. Other members of the leadership team not shown: Jean Canning and Neomi DeAnda.


We pray that the transitions of the following Brothers will be blessed.

 Bro. Terrence O’Connor will move within San Antonio from the Casa Maria Community to the Marianist Residence, with continuing ministry at St. Mary’s University.

 Bro. Tim Pieprzyca will move within San Antonio from the Central Catholic Community to the Casa Maria Community, with continuing ministry at Central Catholic High School.

 Bro. Ed Fick will move from the Alumni Hall Community, Dayton, to Villa St. Joseph, Cupertino.



Bro. Eugene Claret (Region of Switzerland), 90, who died July 9 in Sion, Switzerland. May he rest in peace. Bro. Eugene’s obituary will appear in the next issue of FamilyOnline.

Fr. Melchor Alegre (Province of Zaragoza), 74, who died July 11 in Victoria, Spain. May he rest in peace. Fr. Melchor’s obituary will appear in the next issue of FamilyOnline.

Bro. Nicholas Matter (Province of France), 92, who died July 11 in Antony, France. May he rest in peace. Bro. Nicholas’ obituary will appear in the next issue of FamilyOnline.

To read the obituary of Fr. Louis Reile, who died June 25 in San Antonio, Texas, please click here:





Photo courtesy of Bro. Bill Farrell, SM



Bro. Don Smith (Governor’s Island, Huntsville, Ohio), who is recovering rapidly at Mercy Siena Woods from spinal surgery on July 9.

Fr. Tim Dwyer (Maryland Avenue, St. Louis), who is successfully recovering from surgery for a bone infection in his foot.

Bro. Ed Kiefer (Madeleine Community, New Orleans), who continues treatment for cancer.

Mary Dempsey, 94, mother of Bro. Jack Dempsey (Marcella Road, Cleveland), who has been released from the University Hospital in Cleveland after tests showed no serious internal problems, but she is suffering from back pain.

Ann Condax, longtime worker with the Marianists in Baltimore, who has breast cancer.

Bro. Jim Christiana (Center Marianist Community, Honolulu), who is recovering from surgery to remove tumors on his brain.

Bro. Richard Rose (Mercy Siena Gardens, Dayton) was admitted to Miami Valley Hospital on Friday July 18 and will return to Mercy Siena as soon as a skilled nursing bed is available.

Bro. Norman Eckl (Indiana Avenue Marianist Community, Dayton) was treated at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton for an acute blood clot in his left lung. He has returned to his community.

Bro. John Lemker (Marianist Novitiate, Dayton) continues his recovery at Mercy Siena from a broken leg.



Bro. Richard Middleton, Sr. Leanne Jablonski and Bro. Robert Moriarity enjoy an open house celebration on July 18 at the Provincial offices with attendees of the MLNNA Continental Assembly.



Bro. Stephen Glodek was quoted in the Sunday, July 20, edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch regarding the desired attributes of a new archbishop for St. Louis. (Archbishop Justin Rigali is moving to the archdiocese of Philadelphia.) According to the article, Bro. Steve thinks a new archbishop should reach beyond his Catholic flock and be actively concerned about the needs of Jews, Protestants, Muslims and others. He also said he wants the new man to be open about priest assignments, finances and sexual abuse allegations. Bro. Steve said, "Transparency is really an important word in my vocabulary these days. Personality is less important. That's not as important as what a person does."



Fr. Dan Doyle (Lincoln Street, Hollywood, Fla.) participated in the first North American Institute for Catholic Evangelization July 9-12 at the University of Portland (Oregon), sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Archdiocese of Portland and Vancouver. More than 450 participants attended. Fr. Doyle was invited as part of an Isaiah Preaching Team.


Bro. Jack Ventura (Lindell Blvd., St. Louis) has contributed to a book written by Barbara Darling to be published in August entitled, “Beginning Small Christian Communities: Minimum Structure, Maximum Life.” The book assists those who want to begin faith-sharing communities. To order, visit http://www.goodgroundpress.com/. Author, author!


Fr. Charles Miller will return to St. Mary’s University as professor of theology in August after completing his term as rector of the Ratisbonne Pontifical Institute — Christian Center for Jewish Studies. During his two-year term he facilitated transfer of the program from Jerusalem to Gregorian University in Rome. Welcome home!


Bro. Brian Zampier (Lindell Blvd., St. Louis), freelance artist, sketchbook journalist and juggler, had a piece accepted for the St. Louis Artists’ Guild’s national, juried exhibition, “Savvy: Media Influence in Contemporary Society.” The show runs July 20 to August 30 at the guild’s quarters at Oak Knoll Park in St. Louis. Congratulations!




Director, MSJC. The Marianist Social Justice Collaborative is seeking a part-time director to help articulate and implement a vision for social justice. Deadline for application is Aug. 29. For details about the position and application, please click here:



The steering committee of the Marianist Social Justice Committee (MSJC) met July 17 in St. Louis. Back row (from left): Bros. Brian Halderman (death penalty issue team chair) and Bill Farrell, Fr. Ted Cassidy (steering committee chair), Bro. Don Geiger (ecology issue team chair), Bro. Bob Donovan, Jim Vogt and Bro. Richard Dix; front row (from left): Sr. Eileen Donovan (ex-officio), Nancy DeHonores and Sr. Leanne Jablonski. Not shown: Sr. Laola Hironaka.



To read the July 15 issue of S.M. 3 Offices from Bro. Javier Anso, please click here: This issue includes details about the solidarity funds distributed by the GA in 2002.





A reminder to community business managers:

  • Please send in end-of-year reports by July 31 (include 6/30 bank statements)
  • Please send in preliminary community budgets (will be revised in early September).
  • You'll receive a "proof of insurance" card for car insurance about Aug. 1. Contact Bro. Tom Payne if not received by Aug. 8.


Here's who to contact regarding financial issues at the Province offices, 4425 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis MO 63108. Checks should be made payable to: "Marianist Province of the United States."

Donations for India or Mexico

Fr. Dave Paul dpaul@sm-usa.org

Medical bills, medical coverage, prescriptions and checks
Bro. Bob Metzger rmetzger@sm-usa.org

Routine expenses and reimbursements
Bro. Joe Markel jmarkel@sm-usa.org

Property and vehicle issues, insurance and auto accidents
Bro. Tom Payne tpayne@sm-usa.org

Exceptional expenses, questions about reimbursement, permissions
Bro. Richard Dix rdix@sm-usa.org





Fr. Timothy Kim, regional superior of the Region of Korea, baptized five students on July 4 at Mok-po Marianist High School in Chun-Nam, Korea. Back row (from left): Novice John Donbosco Shin, Godfather John Kim (teacher), Gabriel Bea, Godfather Simon Kim (teacher), Raphael Chun, Gallisdo Cho (teacher) and Michael Kim. Front row (from left): John Mary Vianney Mun, Job Lee (principal), Fr. Kim, Bro. Peter Shin and Thomas Kim. Congratulations to the newly baptized!



The baseball team at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati won the Division II state baseball championship this year, and on July 4 were recognized by the Cincinnati Reds before their game with the New York Mets. After the Purcell Marian Cavaliers received a standing ovation, the team's varsity captain threw out the first pitch. Congratulations!



Interest in the praying of the rosary is growing, according to Fr. Johann Roten, director of the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton. This summer, visitors to the university's Marian Library Gallery can view more than 400 rosaries from around the world, including rosaries from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, France, Italy, Ireland and Czechoslovakia. The exhibit showcases about 60 rosaries from the library's own collection. The exhibit ends August 1.


Mission Conception, San Antonio
Photo courtesy of Bro. Brian Halderman


Bro. Brian Halderman (Novitiate, Dayton) reports on the Marianist connection to the Mission Conception in San Antonio. It was founded by Franciscan Friars in 1731; from 1855 to 1911, the Society of Mary ministered to the people and farmed the land. For a short time, it served as a postulate and novitiate. The diocese later reclaimed it to establish an orphanage and seminary. Today the mission is an active diocesan parish. For more information, visit: http://www.nps.gov/saan/saanco01.htm



CAPE MAY POINT. To read the July issue of the The Beacon.com from the Marianist Family Retreat Center at Cape May Point, please click here:

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To read the upcoming travel schedule of members of the Provincial staff in St. Louis, please click here:



"Above all, trust in the slow work of God. Give our Lord the benefit of believing that His hand is leading you, and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself in suspense and incomplete."

Teihard de Chardin


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