St. Mary’s University Travel Service

Educational/Religious Tours
Open to Marianists & friends of Marianists

Tour Date Tour Location Tour Leader
March 2-12, 2005 Medjugorije/Rome Fr. Charles Miller, SM
March 18-28, 2005 Semana Santa Sevilla, Spain Fr. Rudy Vela, SM
April 14-21, 2005 Southern Mississippi Riverboat Cruise Dr. Mary Lynne Hill
May 18-30, 2005 Greece: Yesterday & Today Fr. Charles Miller, SM
June-July 2005 (3 wks.) Greece and Turkey: St. Paul Fr. Charles Miller, SM
October 13-18, 2005 Washington Smithsonian Tour Bro. Cletus Behlmann
January 2006 India Bro. Edward Violett, SM

Note: Other tours include Copper Canyon, Mexico (May); Alaskan cruise (July) and Kenya Safari (August)