Bishop Accountability

Full list of bishops and priests named in Case No. BC307934, as reported by Paul Likoudis in The Wanderer (1/8/04):

1. Retired Auxiliary Bishop Juan Arzube
2. Resigned Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann
3. Msgr. Joseph Sharpe
4. Fr. Gerald Fessard
5. Msgr. Leland Boyer
6. Fr. Edward Dober
7. Fr. Richard Martini
8. Fr. John Farris
9. Fr. John Dougherty
10. Fr. Stephen Hernandez
11. Fr. Fidencio Silva
12. Fr. Patrick Roemer
13. Fr. Richard Loomis
14. Fr. Joseph Pina
15. Fr. Joseph Alzugaray
16. Fr. Clinton Hagenbach

The document filed with the court describes the interactions of this group as follows:

"Child molester priests congregated in threee arms of archdiocesan religious education,” the introduction continues: 1) administrators; 2) faculty at the junior seminary and, 3) members of the vocations commission who acted as recruiters for the junior and major seminaries. In these capacities child molester priests had increased opportunities to seek out additional victims who they then steered into the seminary. Once there, they were preyed upon and, for too many, inculcated into a perverse lifestyle where the only thing unacceptable about molesting children was being caught by someone that might complain. There can be little doubt that this systematic molestation of children at the seminaries, grade schools and parishes, was known within the community of priests. Fellow priests did nothing to prevent the continuation of abuse because they themselves were molesting, or they feared reprisal from the high ranking priests who were child molesters."


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