Bishop Accountability


Priests with Substantiated Allegations: 40 (of which 33 had "substantiated" allegations, and 7 had allegations "determined to be unfounded by the Diocesan Review Board"
Total Priests: 1,416 diocesan and religious order priests
Persons Making Substantiated Allegations: At least 70 (of which 63 making "substantiated" allegations, and at least 7 making accusations "determined to be unfounded by the Diocesan Review Board"
Cost: $5,654,197 paid in legal claims

See the Dallas Morning News database entry on former Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, recently installed as bishop of Brooklyn NY. The June 2002 database examined the records of bishops and identified those who had allowed accused priests to continue working or had otherwise protected priests accused of sexual abuse. The database is relevant to the bishops' "Nature and Scope" study because the bishops who prepared the surveys for the study are in many cases responsible for the "scope" of the problem.

See 2/27/04 letter from apostolic administrator Monsignor Thomas J. Morgan and the accompanying 2/27/04 press release.



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