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Cardinal Roger M. Mahony

. . . Despite claims of transparency and openness, Mahony has resisted the release of accused priests' names and has employed constitutional challenges to keep documents from prosecutors. . . 

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    Amazing Connections - Lenten and Holy Week Emails from Mahony and His Inner Circle - HTML   Word (343K)
    Archdiocesan Stay-Away Letters to Fr. Santiago Tamayo – PDF
    Complaint for Racketeering in the Cicchillo Case – PDF
    Stogner v. California - U.S. Supreme Court Decision - Opinion and Dissent – HTML
    WKFI Text of Archdiocesan Emails PDF

    * Pre-2001 - diocesan reorganization ... Albee of the secret emails
    * March 2001 - Liuzzi who appears in the secret emails
    * December 2001 - the Taj Mahony and the cemetery scam

    * February 2002 - Mahony abuse statement
    * March 1-18, 2002 - Mahony ousts priests
    * March 19-31, 2001 - Mahony refuses to identify ousted priests ... he and DA Cooley exchange letters on reporting ... Lenihan agrees to laicization

    * April 1-5, 2002 - Haigh's criminal complaint against Lenihan filed ... secret Mahony emails are leaked ... Sutphin is arrested
    * April 6-14, 2002 - fallout from the secret emails ... archdiocese had tried to block publication ... Granadino investigation ... Mahony sorry about Wempe's chaplaincy
    * April 15-22, 2002 - anger about Wempe ... Baker accused ... Mahony adjusts policies ... Mahony's history as bishop of Stockton
    * April 23-30, 2002 - Mahony in Rome with other US cardinals ... Mahony sued under racketeering statutes ... hospitalized

    * May 1-2, 2002 - more on the secret emails ... Granadino investigation
    * May 2, 2002 - the DiMaria settlement and Mahony's coverup of accused priests
    * May 3-15, 2002 - Silva ... Tamayo ... Mahony apologizes to priests
    * May 16, 2002 - pivotal Baker case ... Mahony as hypocrite
    * May 17-31 2002 - Mahony pledges to give DA "all documents" ... late ouster of Rucker ... more on racketeering and Baker ... Mahony's hopes for Dallas

    * June 1-14, 2002 - Curry as Mahony's vicar of clergy, responsible for Wempe, Baker, and others ... "Mahony's cronies" ... Cooley's grand jury subpoenas for documents related to Baker, Wempe, and Granadino
    * June 15-30, 2002 - Dallas bishops' meeting is "humbling" ... LAPD is investigating 61 priests ... lawyer for Wempe, Baker, and Granadino files motion for 7/02 hearing to bar personnel files from prosecutors ... members of revamped LA review board ... Mahony asks forgiveness ... Mahony one of's "worst bishops"
    * July 2002 - Cooley will take investigation "wherever it leads" ... class action suit
    * August 1-17, 2002 - Mahony's use of the Servants of the Paraclete treatment center in New Mexico
    * August 18-31, 2002 - LA Times's comprehensive "Sunday Report" on 33 accused priests with profiles on Sutphin, Baker, Aguilar, and Llano ... cathedral preview

    * September 1-16, 2002 - Mahony's PR firm ... cathedral dedication
    * September 17-30, 2002 - Baker arrested ... Rucker, Rodrigues, and Plesetz accused
    * October 2002 - Rucker ... LA and Vatican policies
    * November 2002 - resignations of archdiocesan executives ... Ventura DA Bradbury demands documents relating to Sutphin, Wempe, and Silva ... Salazar and Sprouffske charged
    * December 2002 - Calif. SOL about to be lifted for one year ... year-end review of vulnerable bishops ... profile of Vega

    * January 2003 - NCR's spotlight moves from Boston to LA ... new legal climate
    * February 2003 - SOL reform in other states ... Curry, Loomis, Dyer, and Cox testify before Ventura grand jury ... SNAP ... "confessions" of a Sutphin victim
    * March 1-15, 2003 - "prelate privilege" replaces "every single thing out, open and dealt with, period" ... Mahony's seminary network ... Lenihan letter
    * March 16-31, 2003 - Mahony's friend Bishop Ziemann ... LAPD and lawyers talk to VOTF and CTA about documents ... Silva charged ... Supremes hear Stogner v. Calif.
    * April 1-4, 2002 - documents ... Stogner case ... Manly deposes Bishop MacFarland ... CA stops the SOL clock
    * April 5-15, 2002 - Sutphin arrest ..."autonomy" to resist discovery ...Vega's vigil ... archdiocesan budget ... testimony on Baker
    * April 16-31, 2003 - Franciscans sue LA archdiocese over Horvath ... Sutphin arrested ... Olivares ... Sutphin flight risk ... Baker is charged ... Vega's Holy Week fast for document release ... Stogner and ex post facto

    * May 2003 - canonical rights of priests ... cathedral chapel for victims ... case consolidation
    * June 1-14, 2003 - bishops elude indictment ... Keating and Mahony tangle over survey and La Cosa Nostra
    * June 15-30, 2003 - Keating resigns ... Supreme Court strikes down SOL extension in Stogner case
    * July 2003 - after Stogner decision, charges are dropped in many cases
    * August 2003 - bill to allow filing of abuse charges until victim is 30 ... archdiocese is paying Nuss, who will decide on release of files
    * September 2003 - DA and archdiocese dispute public access to upcoming ruling on document release, and Court of Appeals issues temporary stay ... released after Stogner decision, Wempe charged in alleged abuse during chaplaincy
    * October 2003 - new Harris charges ... SOL developments

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Data on Archdiocese (data from 2001; abuse data as stated)

    Population   11,055,000
    Catholics   4,148,720
    Percent Catholic   37.5%
    Diocesan Priests   731
    Order Priests   626
    Laity per Diocesan Priest   5,675
    Laity Per Priest (including order priests)   3,057
    Percent Catholic   37.5%
    Archdiocesan Web Site  
    Archdiocesan Newspaper  
    Parish Directory  

Archdiocesan Personnel

    Edward W. Clark, Regional Bishop - Our Lady of the Angels
    Thomas J. Curry, Regional Bishop - Santa Barbara
    Gerald Wilkerson, Regional Bishop - San Fernando
    Gabino Zavala, Regional Bishop - San Gabriel
    Monsignor Bernard Leheny, Episcopal Vicar - San Pedro

    Monsignor Royale M. Vadakin, Vicar General
    Reverend Charles J. Chaffman, Judicial Vicar
    Monsignor Craig A. Cox, Vicar for Clergy
    Reverend Thomas C. Anslow, CM, Vicar for Canonical Services
    Monsignor Helmut A. Hefner, Rector of the Major Seminary

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