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Diocese of Bridgeport

Deposition of Rev. Raymond Pcolka on January 16, 1995

Note: The PDFs linked below have been assembled by from the single-page PDFs released on December 1, 2009. We have also reprocessed the PDFs to make them searchable.

Full deposition (7M) with available exhibits
• Deposition text and index in three parts: Text Part 1 (2.3M), Text Part 2 (2M), Index (2.5M)


The exhibits are not bundled with the Pcolka deposition in the Rosado files as they were released; however, some of the Pcolka exhibits occur elsewhere in the Rosado files in other contexts. Links are provided below, and all of the available exhibits are also available as a single Pcolka exhibit file.

      Exhibit discussed in text at:
Exhibit Description Additional Information Bates
A Order re: Motion #221 Order by Judge Bruce L. Levin on 12/8/94, responding to Pcolka's Request for Protective Order 000372 1 6 24
B Addendum - Protective Order Addendum to Judge Bruce L. Levin's important Memorandum of Decision re Motions for Protective Orders (12/8/94) 000372 1 7 2
C Certificate of Deposit

Found in Pcolka's personnel file; made out for $32,562.46 to then-Bishop Egan, maturing on 1/25/88

000384 13 71 10
D Signed pledge Pcolka pledged to abstain from alcoholic drinks for five years 000386 15 84 7
E Financial agreement Agreement between the Institute of Living and the Bridgeport diocese, apparently about Pcolka's treatment in 1993 000390 19 111 11
F Letter of March 20, 1962 From Dr. Jacob Meshken to Msgr. Curtis about Pcolka's treatment 000398 27 162 24
G Letter of March 21, 19[6]2 From Dr. William O. Sires to Rev. Matthew P. Stapleton, Rector of St. John's Seminary, about Pcolka diagnosis and testing before final vows 002338 29 167 20
H Letter of March 15, 1962 From Rector Stapleton to Msgr. Curtis, about difficulty getting letters from Pcolka's therapists 000401 30 176 24
I June 1, 1962 memo Rector's office's notes on Pcolka's health and personality 000402 31 184 16
J Letter of August 10, 1962 with two pages of physical examination Notes on Pcolka's physical exam 000403 32 185 15
K Notice of compliance By Pcolka on 9/30/94, responding to a motion for disclosure 000405 34 200 12

Redaction Note: has redacted the Pcolka deposition to remove the following items:
• Pcolka's social security number (pages 000375, 000421)
• Names of two female Pcolka cousins; labeled F-001 and F-002 (pages 000387, 000428, 000432)
• Names of two alleged victims of Pcolka, one female and one male, who have not been publicly named; labeled F-003 and M-001 (pages 000395, 000436; 000408, 000432)


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