Sins & Silence
Betrayal & Response: Sexual Abuse by the Clergy

Telegraph Herald of Dubuque, Iowa
March 5-12, 2006
with earlier coverage and reader reaction

This version of the Telegraph Herald’s Sins & Silence series was developed by from two invaluable resources: an online version of the series created by Bob Schwiderski, Minnesota State Director of SNAP, and a PDF of the series provided by Steve Theisen, Iowa State Director of SNAP. would like to thank Mr. Schwiderski and Mr. Theisen for their help with this project.

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Archdiocese to Pay Victims $5 Million: Hanus Apologizes for Priests' Sexual Abuse, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (2/22/06)
'Great Silence' Finally Ends for Abuse Victim, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (2/22/06)
Public Apology by Archdiocese of Dubuque, by Archbishop Jerome Hanus, O.S.B., reprinted in the Telegraph Herald (2/22/06)
'Sins and Silence' Examines Offenses and Response: Week-Long Series Begins on Sunday, by Brian Cooper, Telegraph Herald (2/28/06)


Sunday, March 5, 2006—A Culture of Catholicity

Trusted Priests Betrayed Innocents, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/5/06)
Culture of Catholicity in the Area Made Discussion of Incidents Taboo, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/5/06)
Amid the Dark Stories, Reason for Optimism: Accounts of Betrayal Are Accompanied by Reports on Church's Proactive Response, editorial in the Telegraph Herald (3/5/06)

Monday, March 6, 2006—Victims Tell Their Stories

Victims Recall Abuse: Men Recount How Priests Befriended, Abused Them, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/6/06)
Girls Also Victims of Molestation by Catholic Priests, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/6/06)


Tuesday, March 7, 2006—Unholy Fathers

Haunted by Shame: Ex-Priest's Abuse in 1950s Still Troubles Victims, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/7/06)
Just 3 Accused Priests in Diocese Still Alive, Telegraph Herald (3/7/06)


Wednesday, March 8, 2006—Raising the Bar

Evaluation Intense: Screeners Look for Risk Factors, by Erik Hogstrom, Telegraph Herald (3/8/06)
Abusive Priests, Other Sex Offenders Differ, by Erik Hogstrom, Telegraph Herald (3/8/06)

Thursday, March 9, 2006—Are the Children Protected?

Policy Guides Action: Abuse Policies Already in Place, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/9/06)
The Archdiocese Has Paid Nearly $6.7 Million to Settle Abuse Cases since 1950, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/9/06)


Friday, March 10, 2006—The Effect on the 'Good and Holy'

"A Brighter Future": Priesthood Also Needs Healing, by Mary Rae Bragg, Telegraph Herald (3/10/06)
Parishes Encounter Challenges to Their Faith: 1 Active Catholic Finds the Cover-Up Very Difficult to Reconcile, by Mary Rae Bragg, Telegraph Herald (3/10/06)

Saturday, March 11, 2006—The Support Groups

Groups Offer Support, Healing: Victims of Abuse by Clergy Find Help, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/11/06)

Sunday, March 12, 2006—Apology and Forgiveness

Act of Contrition: Empathy Guided Apology by Archbishop, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/12/06)
Forgiveness Not Coming Easily for Abuse Victims, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/12/06)
Priest Abuse, Cover-Up Won't Happen Again: The Scandal That Rocked the Catholic Church Has Brought About Change, editorial in the Telegraph Herald (3/12/06)

Readers React to Series on Abuse, Response: Full Range of Opinions on 'Sins and Silence', by Brian Cooper, Telegraph Herald (3/14/06)

Letters to the Editor

TH Favors Catholics? by Delphine Huber (3/11/06)
No Need to Repeat Stories on Abuse, by Libby Streinz (3/13/06)
Priests a Positive Influence, by Rick Udelhofen (3/14/06)
Satan Has Ally in the TH, by Rita Arensdorf (3/15/06)
Victims Have Needs, Too, by Evelyn Wiegel (3/15/06)
TH Series Serves No Benefit, by Travis J. Tranel (3/17/06)
Why Complaints about TH Series? by the Reverend Thomas P. Doyle, O.P. (3/19/06)
TH Series Overlooks Issue of Bishop Accountability: Catholics Should Demand More of the Hierarchy, by James Giesen (3/19/06)
Series Shallow, Exploitative Attack on the Church: Sexual-Abuse Problem in Catholic Church Is Infinitesimal; Victims Should Move On, by Guy Woodward (3/19/06)
Story of Abuse Needs to Be Told, by Vinnie Nauheimer (3/19/06)
TH Owes 8 Days of Good Stories, by Rev. Dwayne J. Thoman (3/21/06)
Victims Demonstrate Courage, by Joyan Holdridge 3/22/06)
Change Focus on 'Vicious' Acts, by Mary C. Dunford 3/22/06)
TH Series Might Help Heal Wounds, by Evelyn H. Vondran (3/23/06)
TH Critics' 'Compassion' Hollow, by Sheila Dreckman (3/24/06)
Church Fails the People and God (3/25/06)
The Silence Speaks Volumes, by Jason Berry (3/25/06)
Truth Needs to Be Told about Sexual Abuse, by Melissa Mills (3/26/06)
More Victims Yearn for Justice, by Catherine Holtz (3/26/06)
Commend TH, Don't Condemn It, by Hillary Nelson (3/27/06)
Most Victims Know Their Abusers, by Richard Vorwald (3/31/06)

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