Deceased Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse
in the Diocese of Portland, Maine

On May 27, 2005, the Maine Attorney General's office released the names of 21 deceased Roman Catholic priests who have been accused of sexual abuse. The release of these names had been ordered by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court (see the opinion), in response to a lawsuit filed by Blethen Maine Newspapers, the parent company of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.

The Attorney General's office also released 113 pages of supporting documentation on the accusations. This documentation comprises investigative material from the attorney general's files. Allegations against each priest are described on a standard form, followed in most cases by investigative materials documenting the accusations. These are not diocesan files, although information from the diocese's files is occasionally reflected here. For more information on the release of the names and the supporting documentation, see:
- State Names Accused Priests Who Have Died, by Gregory D. Kesich and John Richardson (May 28, 2005)
- Priests Listed in Records of Complaints, by Bonnie Washuk (May 28, 2005)
- AG Releases Complaint Files on 21 Dead Priests, by Judy Harrison (May 28, 2005)
- For background information on two of the accused priests, Revs. Herve Carrier and Lucien McKeone, see also a 12/29/64 newspaper report on Carrier's transfer from Holy Cross in Lewiston to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Lille, and McKeone's appointment to replace Carrier in Lewiston.

On July 8, 2005, the Office of the Attorney General released an additional 23 pages of supporting materials inadvertently omitted from the first document production because of a filing error. has obtained copies of the supporting documentation released by the attorney general and posted the two document productions. "Redaction of the names and other identifying information of persons named in the records other than the deceased priests" was ordered by the court. We have done some additional redactions (marked with an open box) to ensure the confidentiality of the alleged victims.

You may access the files for each priest by clicking his name below. If you have a fast connection, you can also download the supporting information in three large groups by clicking the "group" links. These materials complement the attorney general's report On the Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests and Other Clergy Members Associated with the Roman Catholic Church in Maine (February 24, 2004).

We remind our readers that this is a list of accused priests, not a list of priests convicted of sexual abuse. makes no representation regarding the truth or accuracy of the allegations documented in these investigative files.

Document Production of May 27, 2005

Group 1
Bigelin, Charles
Boltz, Henry
Cahill, William
Carrier, Herve
Corbeil, Ralph
Crozier, John
Curran, John

Group 2
Cyr, Armand
Delaney, Herman
Dooley, Joseph
Doyon, Dominic
Fiset, Louis Philippe
Girardin, Antonio
Henderson, Thomas
Mandeville, Lucien
McGowan, J. R.

Group 3
McKeone, Lucien
Pellerin, Albert
Romani, Joseph
Sabatino, Lawrence
Vallely, James
Additional Information (Sabatino and Vallely)

Document Production of July 8, 2005

This second document production comprises a cover letter by Leanne Robbin, Chief of the Financial Crimes & Civil Rights section of the Office of the Attorney General, and 23 pages of documents, paginated 000114-000136, alleging sexual abuse by:
- Rev. Phillip J. Boivin
- Rev. Rosario E. Ouellette
- Sr. Alexis-du-Sacre-Coeur
- Rev. Louis F. Berube
- Rev. Joseph C. Dooley, S.J.
- Rev. William B. Cahill, S.J.
- Rev. Antonio M. Girardin
- Rev. Lawrence A. Sabatino

This second document production offers additional information on priests already referenced in the first document production, and also includes information on accused persons whose names were hitherto unknown to the public: Revs. Boivin, Ouellette, and Berube, and Sr. Alexis-du-Sacre-Coeur.


Any original material on these pages is copyright © 2004. Reproduce freely with attribution.
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