*EXCLUSIVE w/ COURT DOCS* After SNAP Flouts Repeated Court Orders to Turn Over Documents, Lawyers Forced to File For Contempt Citation


Dave Pierre

Since David Clohessy, the National Director of SNAP, has repeatedly flaunted judges’ orders to produce documents related to an important Missouri abuse case, lawyers for an accused Catholic priest have requested that the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, hold SNAP and Clohessy “in contempt of Court.”

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Lawyers for the accused priest have repeatedly requested that SNAP and Clohessy produce documents that they possess related to cases involving the discredited theory of “repressed memory,” as the bogus theory plays an important role in their current case.

After displaying a timeline of events supporting their motion, the lawyers add that SNAP and Clohessy have repeatedly sought writs in the Missouri Court of Appeals and Supreme Court to oppose court orders and have repeatedly been denied. The lawyers then declare, “SNAP and Clohessy have failed to comply with every Court-ordered deadline for discovery.”

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