25 Signs of a Predatory Preacher

Sharon Johnson Fresh Oil Ministries

What is a Predatory Preacher:

A man or woman who claims to be a follower and messenger of Jesus Christ who uses false doctrines and traditions to seduce, manipulate and control their followers. Their primary goal is money, materialism, control and fame:

They will use ‘scare’ tactics regarding tithes and offerings, and if you leave their church, they will tell you and others that you are under a curse.

Carry themselves like celebrities, rather than servants insisting on being called by a lofty title ~ Dr. Bishop, Elder, The Most Reverend, Prophetess, Chief Apostle. Make sure to read my Blog, “The Great “TITLE” Wave.”

Materialistic, boastful, and flaunts extravagant lifestyle while regarding their wives as ‘first lady’ of the church.

Allow provocatively dressed women to teach, usher, sing on praise teams and lead in the church.

Rarely, if ever, talks about sin or hell, makes light of sin when they do. Jesus is hardly ever mentioned, but rather GOD. Usually, they are very charismatic and GREAT speakers ~ Very Eloquent in speech.

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