SNAP Leader Blaine Comes Unglued In Search of Media Attention: ‘Nothing’s Changed’ in Catholic Church’s Handling of Abuse Cases


Dave Pierre

The measures are unprecedented: “Abuse panels” in nearly every diocese … the training of millions of children and adults (including 99 percent of all priests) to recognize signs of abuse … intensified screening of seminarians and other Church employees … strict annual audits for compliance of procedures … a “zero tolerance” policy that is so strict that accused priests feel abandoned by their bishops … and billions of dollars in settlements and therapy for victims.

Yet despite all of these dramatic actions undertaken by the Catholic Church, according to the always hyperbolic SNAP President Barbara Blaine, “nothing’s changed” in the handling of abuse cases and “[bishops] are still saying now what they said in 1993.”

Blaine’s latest loopy salvo was made in an Australian newspaper.

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