Obama and Stopping Group Child Abusers Now

Christian Catholicism

(by Jerry Slevin, a retired Wall Street lawyer)

It must be tough being a child in the USA today. If your school isn’t invaded by some Terminator-style lunatic supposedly exercising his Second Amendment rights, then all you have to worry about is being sexually assaulted and violated by your priest, rabbi, teacher, nun, minister, scout leader or other adult your parents told you to trust. How can this happen in the USA?

Is a way, it’s simple. Ours laws protect criminals at times more than children. Organizations protect the sexual predators and their accomplices. These groups often almost control local political leaders, legislators and prosecutors. Bishops, scout organizations, et al., lobby vigorously, support local candidates and hire high priced lawyers and publicists. Survivors’ lawyers often agree to keep potentially incriminating abuse files secret, apparently to get more bucks for their few clients that benefit, as well as for themselves in large legal fees. The media is too often passive and inattentive. Sadly, kids don’t vote and most of their parents don’t think, not enough anyway.

This must change. Please click on, read and sign the White House petition at:


The petition to President Obama was filed by a brave New Yorker who lost her brother to sexual abuse. It has only been public for a few days and is already gaining several hundred signatures a day from all over the country and as far away as Sydney, Australia. Instead of reading and blogging about kids being sexually violated, please do something about it. Sign the petition.

So far only the Call To Action, a prominent Catholic social justice group, has voiced support for the petition. Other abuse survivor and child protection groups have surprisingly been missing in action inexplicably

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