California State Senate and Assembly representatives, please vote YES to SB 131…

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils…

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Updated August 30, 2013

Children should not be treated as “less sacred, worth less or less important” than Popes, Bishops and priests and their “holy robes, sacred vessels and exclusive male-club basilicas and churches”. Children who are the most vulnerable and voiceless class in our American society should have first place in our State Senate legislature and Assembly and in every heart of all senators and representatives. It is the moral duty of the California State Senate and Assembly representatives to vote for SB 131 in order to expose ALL pedophiles (priests) – especially in court – with SB 131 and render the only justice which many of our suffering American children will ever know in their lifetime .

California State Senate and Assembly representatives, you must render the final and only justice to victims of pedophiles (priests) in California – History has revealed to us as the largest numbers of victims from the systemic cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church. There are more victims out there, and therefore, you must release them from their prisons – secretly coerced and established by pedophiles (priests and their complicit Bishops).

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