Middle Ages Vatican condemns New Age American Nuns: The Celestine Prophecy come true! Sisters in Crisis book mocks LCWR Sisters in Christ

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils…

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Below we cite an excerpt from the book The Celestine Prophecy that describes what is going on before our eyes in the USA today – between the Medieval Vatican and its obsolete doctrines and irrelevant dogmas – and the New Age American nuns who have evolved with the American people. The Machiavellian strategy of all male despots and male autocrats including and specially the Vatican is to suppress, kill, mock, banish or silence their members who disobey or disagree with their totalitarian obsolete decrees because these members consequently and effectively expose their monarchical deceits and crimes. With its Dark Ages doctrines, the Middles Ages Vatican is fearful of the New Age American nuns who are more in numbers than the dying breed of Catholic priests because these nuns have first-hand influence on the populace while the Vatican and its princes of Bishops and Cardinals are far-flung in Rome or are living in the lap of luxury in their Episcopalian palaces out-of-touch with reality away from its people. So the way they control these nuns is by final condemnations, destructions of their reputations and excommunication or banishments – exactly as the Celestine Prophecy describes.

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